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Show Tech+ Powder Spray Bottle 35 ml


Refillable powder spray bottle  

Refillable powder spray bottle  

Do you want to apply powder to the coat easily and without making a mess? Use the Show Tech+ Powder Sprayer!  

Targeted work 

This advanced, refillable spray bottle has an extended nozzle for targeted application of the Show Tech+ Colour-IT Powder. Thanks to the lockable mouthpiece, the powder stays inside the bottle. The unique inner mechanism ensures optimal and even powder distribution on the coat. Perfect for accurately colouring or highlighting certain parts of the coat.   


Why use the Show Tech+ Powder Sprayer?  

  • Much quicker and easier for applying powder  
  • More precise to use than any other tool to apply powder  
  • Applying colour powder is often a dirty job where you - instead of your dog - end up wearing all the colour. With this easy dispenser, you can apply the powder at the roots of the hair without any effort or mess.  


It’s all in the details 

  • Refillable powder sprayer with extended nozzle   
  • Perfect for the targeted application of powder to short and medium-length coats 
  • Material bottle: plastic (PP and PET)  
  • Content: 35 ml  
  • Weight: 27 g  
  • Dimensions:   
    Diameter: 3.3 cm  
    Height: 11.5 cm *  

* All measurements are approximate.   

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Use instructions 

Not suitable for liquids.  
Just put some powder in the dispenser, turn the nozzle upwards and press the top of the spray head to apply the powder with precision. Perfect for short and medium coats and wire-coated dogs. Is the coat longer or thicker? Then use the Show Tech+ Powder Duster Glass Spray Bottle. This way you will always have the ideal tool to apply the powder to the base of the coat, at the roots.   

For best results, we recommend filling the spray bottle with the powder just over halfway. Doing so, you are sure there is still enough room for the mechanism to work optimally and pump up the powder.   

Store the filled spray bottle in a dry environment to prevent clumping.   

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