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Show Tech+ Quick Fix Spray RTU 500 ml


Leave-in conditioning spray  

Leave-in conditioning spray  

Are you looking for a multifunctional spray? Say hello to the Show Tech+ Quick Fix spray! It will put an end to many of your dog grooming issues. 

Quickly fixed 

This amazing, unique product provides the solution for the most frequent coat problems. Here’s why and when this spray is a must-have:  

  1. For instantly detangling and dematting: The Quick Fix spray contains a moisturising and conditioning treatment that will condition and hydrate each strand of hair and close the cuticle. A protective layer will be put on each hair, resulting in an amazingly smooth coat. Tangles and mats will be less likely to form and will also be much easier to brush out. Less maintenance brushing is required too.  
  2. When brushing and styling as a spray-in and leave-in conditioner: The special formula creates a shield around each hair shaft which protects the coat. Just spray the Quick Fix spray on a damp or dry coat. You will have a much more manageable coat that is easier to style and will experience less resistance while brushing or blow-drying the coat. Your furry friend’s coat will also dry a lot faster because each hair is so smooth.  
  3. When scissoring: Used sparingly, it is also a perfect scissoring spray for groomers, providing superb definition when fluffing the coat before scissoring. From a good distance, spray a little bit of Quick Fix and comb through. Repeat if necessary. You will notice the hair points will become much easier to scissor.  
    Kitty’s tip: Use a micro misting bottle to create an even finer mist.   
  4. To combat static in the coat: This spray works as an anti-static product as well. Due to a lack of moisture in the air, static can build up. Use Quick Fix to keep away the static electricity and improve the hydration levels and elasticity of each hair shaft.  
  5. To repel dirt, dust and urine: If your dog has yellow stains on his tummy or legs from urinating, just spray the Quick Fix spray on the areas that need protecting. The well-thought-out formula will create a shield around each hair shaft to keep the urine, dirt or dust from penetrating the hairs and causing stains.  

It’s all in the details

  • Ready to use
  • Leave-in conditioner to protect the coat 
  • Effective dematting spray 
  • Repels dirt and urine on the coat 
  • Conditions and hydrates the coat 
  • Scissoring spray 
  • Anti-static 
  • Also available in a 250 ml concentrate, which when diluted with water, makes an amazing 4 litres of ready to use Quick Fix spray!

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Use instructions  

  • Apply directly to any mats before brushing. If the coat is very matted, use liberally to soak the mats. For best protection against mats and staining, spray into the damp coat after bathing and brush well while drying.  
  • Superb as a scissoring spray, simply spray a light mist over the coat, then fluff up with a comb for amazing definition.  
  • You can also use the wet towel technique. First wash the dog and dry him with a microfibre towel. Make sure the coat is towel dried. Then spray the Quick Fix spray generously on the coat and massage the product well into the coat. Next, take a Magic Towel or Dry Dude and hold it under very warm water (hot, but not too hot to touch). Due to the warmth and the moisture circulation, the dog’s coat will absorb the spray twice as easily. Leave the towel on the dog for about 5 to 10 minutes (until all the vapour has disappeared). Then you can start drying the dog. 
  • Can also be used on a dry coat, for example at a dog show. Line brush the coat (brush the coat in layers) and spray the product between the layers.  
  • When it comes to keeping a white male dog clean and immaculately white, this can be quite a challenge sometimes. Especially males tend to pee on their coat. Urine contains acid, which can damage your dog’s coat if it isn’t regularly washed and treated. If you spray the coat with the Quick Fix, this will close the hair cuticle and protect the coat from urine.   

Note: Frequent washes and moisture conditioning treatments are essential to have a healthy coat. We advise you protect the table and/or floor from overspray to avoid slipping hazard.  


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