Kitty Talks Dogs - show grooming Miro the English Cocker

Let's do some show grooming! In this episode of Kitty Talks Dogs we groom Miro the English Cocker Spaniel according to the breed standard. During the washing and drying we give away some tips on how to make the coat stay flat, using Show Tech Vetrap, Crown Royale Grooming Spray, a Show Tech+ Dry Dude, etc. Kitty shows you how to achieve natural English Cocker ears with Utsumi blending shears, but also with a Heiniger clipper and blade.


- Dog nail clipping 1:43
- Dog feet scissoring 2:43
- Dog ear cleaning 3:44
- Dog coat carding 4:51
- Dog coat stripping 8:41
- Clipping and scissoring the dog's ears and neck 14:06
- Bathing the dog 17:32
- Drying the dog 20:27
- Blowing the curls out of the dog's coat 21:31
- Scissoring and styling the dog's coat 23:22


Nail care:

Ear care:


Stripping tools





Other salon necessities:

Miro the English Cocker before grooming

Miro the English Cocker after grooming


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