Kitty Talks Dogs - grooming Sasha the Lhasa Apso

How to groom a long haired dog breed with blending scissors? In this video you learn 2 techniques on how to do just that. Sasha the Lhasa Apso is groomed short with a top knot with some influence from Asian Style. By using the Utsumi carbon comb and Yento blending scissors Kitty Dekeersgieter gives Sasha a natural and beautiful coat.


- Clipping the nails 0:44
- Cleaning the ears 1:21
- Clipping between the pads, the tummy and the bum 2:48
- Bathing the dog 4:22
- Drying the dog 7:36
- Brushing out the curls of the coat 8:41
- Scissoring and styling the coat 9:55


Nail care: 53STE029 Show Tech Stop Bleed Holder, 53STE033 Show Tech Comfort Nail Cutter Large, 53STE046 Show Tech Stop Bleeding 14 gr Styptic Powder, 53STE053 Show Tech Nail Grinder Cord/Cordless with USB

Ear care: 54STE002 Ear Forceps Comfort 15cm Straight Ear Cleaner, 54STE004 Show Tech Ear Care 50 ml Ear Cleaner, 54STE007 Show Tech Ear Powder 30 gr Ear Cleaner, 54STE008 Show Tech Ear Wipes 60 pcs Ear Cleaner, 54H&D001 H3D Bamboo Sticks 50 pcs Ear Cleaner

Shaving: 21STE013 Show Tech Amigo Pro Cordless Clipper, 21HEI030 Heiniger Saphir Basic Cordless Animal Clipper with #10 Blade, 21WAH007 Wahl Snap on Comb Set Metal 8 pcs Clipper Attachment

Bathing: 15GRX020 Groom-X Tub Inox Bath Electric with Thermostatic Tap, 41STE018 Show Tech Pro Super Clean 40 1 L Shampoo, 41STP001 Show Tech+ Pro Romance 2 in 1 300 ml Shampoo, 42STP001 Show Tech+ Ultimate Conditioning Mask 450ml Conditioner, 87STE007 Show Tech Mixing & Dispensing Bottle 1 L Measuring Bottle

Drying: 14GRX018 Groom-X Zeppelin blaster with stand, 25STE034 Show Tech Side Slicker, 25YEN001 Yento Mega Pin Slicker Medium Slicker Brush

Scissoring: 22YEN023 Yento Ergo Line Series 20cm - 7 3/4'' Curved Scissor, 22YEN046 Yento High-Tech Series Cobra 18cm - 7'' Blender 48 Teeth, 22YEN053 Yento Prime Series 12,7cm - 5" Blender 30 Teeth, 26YEN005 Yento Special Scissoring Comb 19cm Comb, 26UTS011 Utsumi BW Carbon Comb NO298 25cm Comb

Top knot: 22YEN006 Yento Needle Comb, 43ART005 Artero Hair Spray Podium Dry Hold 500ml, 65STE065 Show Tech Band Scissor, 65STE612 Show Tech Curly Bows with clip 6 pcs Bows, 65STE620 Show Tech Latex Bands Neon Medium-Light - 100 pcs Top Knot Bands, 85STE008 Show Tech User Friendly Comfy Container Lime - 5x10cm Container

Sasha the Lhasa Apso before grooming

Sasha the Lhasa Apso after grooming


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