Kitty Talks Dogs - Grooming Dyanto the Pomeranian

This month in Kitty Talks Dogs, we have Dyanto the black and white Pomeranian. But he is not groomed according to the Pomeranian breed standard. As Kitty says: 'This is how NOT to groom the Pomeranian.' Kitty explains in this video that Dyanto's coat was cut short and because of his double coat, it will never grow back into the typical long Pomeranian coat. So, once you cut your Pomeranian short, there's no going back! Nevertheless, this is a cute style for dog owners that want their dog's coat shorter, easier to maintain and looking like a teddy bear.


0:00 Intro
4:03 Clipping the dog's nails
5:22 Cleaning the dog's ears
7:08 Bathing the dog
14:29 Drying the dog's coat
16:00 Brushing out the dog's coat
19:48 Clipping the dog's paws
21:27 Scissoring and styling the dog's coat
33:16 Result of the grooming session


Nail care

Ear care



Brushing and combing




Dyanto the Pomeranian before grooming

Dyanto the Pomeranian after grooming


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