Kazuaki Jingu @ Groomania 2021

Groomania 2021 presents Kazuaki Jingu!

Kazuaki Jingu is one of the greatest groomers in Team Utsumi. He decided to be a groomer at 15 years old after having a chance to study grooming. It is a perfect job for him as he loves dogs and arts.

Currently he owns a professional grooming shop and runs a school to provide young people with an opportunity to be successful future groomers in Japan. He participates in competition actively and constantly. In 2020, he was awarded winner of the Best In Show at the Groomania Online Edition. Furthermore he was honored to be the Best In Show three times in Japan and twice in the United States in the past, which he highly appreciates. 

He has challenged himself to further develop his skills which he believes will change the world.

Miniature Schnauzer grooming demonstratie

Kazuaki Jingu was the Best In Show from the Groomania 2020 Online Edition! He won with his Miniature Schnauzer and he's from Japan. In this video, he's showing you everything you need to know about grooming the Miniature Schnauzer. He explains exatly what and where to clip, strip and scissor to achieve the best grooming result.


0:00 Intro
3:00 Clipping the dog's coat
16:10 Stripping the dog's coat
33:59 Scissoring the dog's coat
1:17:38 Result of the grooming session


Brushing and combing





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