Expert advise

  • 05 August 2022
  • Coat care

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Kitty Talks Dogs - Grooming Wilson the Scottish Terrier

Do you want to know how to handstrip an adult Scottish Terrier according to the breeding standards? Then this video is definitely something for you!...

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Tips for a great summer

This summer, you and your four-legged friend will undoubtedly have a lot of activities planned. In this blog post, we would like to give you a few tip...

  • 21 July 2022
  • Service

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Shop safely and with confidence 

At Transgroom, we strive every day to give you, our customer, the best possible service. To ensure that your online shopping experience is even more p...

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Kitty Talks Dogs - Grooming Pippa the Poodle

Do you want to know how to groom a poodle in Asian style? Then this video is definitely for you! In this episode of Kitty Talks dogs, Kitty Dekeersg...

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Our heart beats for dog grooming, yours too?

Just 3 months to go and it's finally happening! At the end of September, we welcome you again to Groomania, the most international educational groomin...

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