Expert advise

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Change requires proper preparation

Due to high inflation, price changes are inevitable in our sector. Afraid to adjust your prices? We understand, but don't forget: you're worth it! In...

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You’re worth it!

No, we do not want to advertise L'Oréal here. ;-) So why this message? Because we want to show groomers that change does not have to be frighte...

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On to the future!

Covid has changed some aspects of our lives. Luckily, I still have the opposite of a dog's life. 😉 My owners Darren and Kitty pamper me and also at th...

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Say it with a gift

Exactly one more month and it's Christmas! For many, those end-of-year days are the ideal time to enjoy a nice meal and share stories with family, rel...

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Get the most out of your dryer

In order to dry a wet dog properly you need, apart from dog towels, the right dryer(s). Previously you could read which types of dryers there are and...

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