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Show Tech+ Speed Clean Spray 500 ml


Cleans, conditions and deodorizes

Cleans, conditions and deodorizes

Need to freshen up your pet's coat quickly without water? Use the Show Tech+ Speed Clean!

Instant refreshing effect

When you don't have access to running water to wash your beloved pet, when he or she is afraid of water, when you can't use water or when you are in a hurry, Speed Clean is the best solution!

This effective no-rinse shampoo effortlessly cleanses dirty hair, eliminates odours and leaves the coat with a wonderfully fresh scent. Its innovative formula with aloe vera extract revitalises, refreshes and cleanses the hair without making it sticky and heavy or drying it out! Sebum, mud, urine, product residues and other dirt are absorbed without changing the texture of the coat.

Speed Clean helps clean the coat and sensitive areas quickly, thoroughly and without rinsing. It is a mild product that is very well tolerated by the skin and can also be used for pets with sensitive skin.

It's all in the details

  • Instant spray shampoo for superficial or full coat cleaning
  • No rinsing required
  • Can be used on all colours without changing the natural colour of the coat
  • Suitable for dogs and cats, and for all coat types and textures
  • Ideal when travelling or on the go, in between washes or at dog shows
  • Ph: 6.7
  • Excellent for daily maintenance
  • Available in a spray (500 ml) or a foamy mousse (200 ml), both ready-to-use and extremely economical

Use instructions

This spray bottle can be used to treat the entire coat, larger areas or body parts, making it ideal for complete coat cleaning of animals with, for example, a panic fear of water.

Spray the product evenly over the hair until it is thoroughly damp, while layering the coat or pushing it open. This way, you can properly apply the Speed Clean from the hair roots to the tips. Massage thoroughly and leave on for 2-5 minutes, then rub (or for longer coats, squeeze) the hair dry with a microfibre towel. By using a towel, the coat really gets cleaned. The active ingredients in the shampoo absorb the dirt from the coat and the towel in turn helps to remove the absorbed dirt.

Then brush out the coat with an appropriate brush. Finally, to get the best results, dry the coat using a dryer or blaster.

When used on cats, make sure the animal cannot lick the product. We recommend brushing and drying the coat thoroughly after treatment with Speed Clean.


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