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Tikima Lavezzi Shirt S Purple


Where Comfort and Style Converge for all Dedicated Dog Groomers! 

Where Comfort and Style Converge for all Dedicated Dog Groomers! 

Are you a passionate dog groomer seeking the perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and distinctive style? Look no further than the latest addition to our Tikima brand – the Lavezzi! An Unisex shirt, crafted with your unique needs in mind, this remarkable shirt embodies the essence of professionalism without compromising on flair.

Designed for Dog Grooming Excellence:
At Tikima, we understand the demands of your profession like no other. That's why our Unisex Working Shirt is meticulously tailored. The innovative design combines functionality with an artistic touch, making it an essential addition to your work wardrobe.

Express Your Passion:
Highlighting your dedication to dog grooming, our shirt features an exclusive, handcrafted drawing on the back. This eye-catching design showcases your commitment to canine care while adding a touch of personal expression to your work attire.In addition, the Tikima Lavezzi shirt is made with hair-proof material, ensuring that hair will not stick to it during grooming sessions

Size-Inclusive Range:
We believe that every dog groomer, regardless of size, deserves a shirt that fits impeccably. From Small to 4XL, our Unisex Working Shirt ensures that you find the perfect size for ultimate comfort, unrestricted movement, and a flattering fit that enhances your confidence.

Vibrant Color Palette:
Our Unisex Working Shirt comes in four captivating colors – Black, Deep Purple, Cobalt Blue, and Soft Pink. Choose the shade that resonates with your personality and style, allowing you to stand out in the grooming business  world while staying true to yourself.

Stay Cool:
When the grooming sessions heat up, the last thing you need is discomfort. The short sleeves of our shirt offer the ideal balance between coverage and ventilation, ensuring you stay cool and composed even during the busiest of days.

It's all in the details: 
- Comfortable Unisex shirt for Trimmers with an exclusive backprint
- Available in 4 colours: Soft Pink, Cobalt Blue, Purple, Black 
- Available from size small to 4XL 
- Size chart for all specifications 
- Discover our full Tikima collection for all designs

Size chart

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Price: €35.50
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