Your helpline in these difficult times

Dear groomer,

It’s been a few difficult and rather unusual days. With the recently announced, reinforced measures in the context of covid, we realise that we, now more than ever, must be here for each other. At Transgroom, we want to make the best of the current situation and help you do the same! We have had to close our Transgroom shop, but luckily our offices and warehouse will remain open and operative, so we can continue to supply you and gladly help you with any questions or doubts you may have.

With being obligated to close your grooming salon, maybe you have a lot more time on your hands? Now is certainly the perfect time to clean your salon, but also to maintain your grooming tools. At Transgroom, we have an in-house sharpening service to help you make sure your scissors and blades are in tiptop condition for when you next need them. Now may also be a good time to service your clippers and dryers, we are ready and waiting to help!

Is your salon flawlessly cleaned and your grooming equipment as good as new again? We understand that it can be hard to give your daily routines a purpose. In this current, difficult situation, it is without doubt the ideal time to keep yourself informed, but also gain some extra knowledge.

That’s why we want to stay connected and available to you in every way possible:

For any questions or doubts, just give us a bark.

Together, we will make it through this unusual and uncertain period!

Don’t forget to give your pooches and yourself some extra love in these difficult times. Go for a relaxing walk outside and enjoy good food together. At moments like these we all realise that happiness actually is in the little things in life. Moreover: don’t be afraid to stay connected with your customers. After all, good relationships are undoubtedly important these days.

Take care and remember, we’re still here for you.

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