Wash your dog everywhere with the Show Tech Handy Tubs

The Show Tech Handy Tub is the easiest way to bathe your pet. No more crawling around on hands and knees next to your own bath, the Handy Tub allows pet bathing at a comfortable and ergonomic height, which makes the whole experience much more relaxing for you and your pet. The sturdy, tubular frame is very stable and can be easily and quickly assembled with the tool provided.

We advise you to use the Show Tech Flexi Hose in combination with these baths. This hose is extremely strong, will not kink or twist and extends from 5 to 15 metres long in use, automatically contracting to 5 metres again after the water is turned off. Supplied complete with tap adaptor and sprayer with 7 different spray patterns.

Show Tech Handy Tub M

The medium model is perfect for all breeds up to Cocker Spaniel size and features an anti-slip bottom and 3 stainless steel rings to attach a bathing restraint. Supplied with a flexible drain hose. The medium model has a maximum load capacity of 70kg.

Show Tech Handy Tub L

The large model is perfect for all breeds and features an anti-slip bottom, a removable door, shampoo bottle holder and 3 stainless steel rings to attach a bathing restraint. For small breeds there is a 50 x 60 cm platform with anti-slip surface to raise the bathing height. Supplied with flexible drain hose and anti slip ramp, recommended to help get larger breeds in and out of the bath easily.


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