Starzclub Model Dog: why, when and for who

Learn how to groom dogs with Starzclub Model Dogs! The Starzclub Model Dogs are modeled after real dogs by Fan Yu, a famous Chinese handler and sculptor. As you're learning how to be a dog groomer, you should practice your scissoring skills. The Starzclub Model Dogs are perfect for this, because they don't move, they don't need a break and you are not making mistakes on real dogs. Certified groomer Kitty Dekeersgieter and Starzclub co-designer Tony Zhu discuss the possibilities.

The magnetic Starzclub Model Dogs are available in Poodle and Poodle Asian Style. Poodles are the best breed to learn how to cut dog hair. You can however be creative with the scissoring, styling or colouring!


  • Starzclub Model Dogs for dog groomers 1:59
  • Starzclub Model Dogs for dog grooming students and teachers 3:17
  • Starzclub Model Dogs for grooming competition competitors 4:33
  • Starzclub Model Dog coat 4:54

Starzclub Model Dog Poodle combine with Starzclub Model Dog Poodle coat.
Starzclub Model Dog Poodle Asian Style combine with Starzclub Model Dog Poodle Asian Style coat.

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