Starzclub Model Dog putting the coat on with Tony Zhu

You have a Starzclub Model Dog and coat and want to start grooming? In this video Tony Zhu, co-creator of the Starzclub Model Dogs, shows you how to put on the coat for the magnetic Poodle Model Dogs.

Starzclub Model Dog Poodle combine with Starzclub Model Dog Poodle coat.
Starzclub Model Dog Poodle Asian Style combine with Starzclub Model Dog Poodle Asian Style coat.

  1. Put the head of the Model Dog into the coat.
  2. Put the legs of the Model Dog into the coat.
  3. Connect the Model Dog body with the head inside of the coat.
  4. Pull the legs down.
  5. Put the tail into the preset hole in the coat.
  6. Connect the two sides of the coat on the belly of the Model Dog.
  7. Put the eyes and nose in the correct preset holes in the Model Dog head.
  8. Put the tail coat onto the tail.

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