Show Tech+ Quick Fix Spray

Products shown in this video:

This amazing product provides the solution for the most frequent coat problems!

  • Makes dematting easy! Quick Fix spray lubricates the coat, breaking down matts by smoothing each hair to reduce resistance when brushing.
  • This unique product is also a spray-in and leave-in conditioner to aid brushing. The special formula creates a shield around each hair shaft which protects the coat and prevents stains caused by dirt, dust and urine.
  • Used sparingly, it is also a perfect scissoring spray for groomers, providing superb definition when fluffing the coat before scissoring.

Show Tech Quick Fix spray is available in a 500ml spray and also in a 250ml concentrate, which when diluted with water, makes an amazing 4 litres of ready to use Quick Fix spray!

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: RTU Apply directly to any mats before brushing, if very matted use liberally to soak the mats. For best protection against mats and staining spray into damp coat after bathing and brush well while drying. To use as a scissoring spray, use a light mist over the coat before fluffing with the comb. Warning protect table and/or floor from overspray to avoid slipping hazard.

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