Show Tech presents the Super Foaming Sponge

Show Tech presents the Super Foaming Sponge for bathing pets!

By using the Show Tech Super Foaming Sponge, washing dogs becomes as easy as ABC. This sponge is perfect to create more lather and very quickly spread shampoo all over your dog’s coat. It allows you to apply shampoo deep into the coat and close to the skin, something that cannot easily be achieved by using your hands or any other sponge! The lather created helps you easily clean even the thicker, wool coats too.

If your fingers are sometimes suffering too much, this sponge can be of great assistance. It helps you to thoroughly put shampoo on your four-legged friend, without requiring extra massaging strength from your fingers. Groomers who are looking for an efficient and quick solution to wash a lot of dogs on a daily basis without doubt already know our Show Tech Pro Super Clean 40 Shampoo, a super concentrated professional shampoo specially formulated to thoroughly clean the coat and skin. To apply this shampoo, you’ll definitely need the Show Tech Super Foaming Sponge.

Thanks to this amazing sponge, you can not only work more comfortably and faster, but also more economically. When using a regular sponge, it will without doubt absorb too much shampoo and lather. This makes the sponge stiff and less effective. Rinsing can then become a very time-consuming job. Shampoo sometimes also gets lost while massaging or you use more diluted shampoo than necessary. Thanks to the net-like structure, this sponge absorbs just the right amount of shampoo, it won’t get saturated as quickly and you will be able to easily rinse it. You can thus easily apply shampoo on the dog’s coat and avoid wasting it or using too much.

Other product specifications

Diameter: 10 cm. 

Use instructions

First dilute your shampoo with warm water in a bucket or small basin, following the dilution ratio and use instructions on the package. Submerge the sponge well in the shampoo. Apply the shampoo to the coat and skin with the help of the sponge while massaging.

It is important to regularly sanitise and clean the sponge. Rinse it with clean water and leave it to dry naturally. We don’t recommend you clean it in the washing machine or with detergent or fabric softener.

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