Sharpening & repair service

Do you have scissors and/or clipper blades that need sharpening? Is your dryer, clipper or other electrical grooming equipment in need of maintenance? Then we are the ideal partner for you in this respect as well!

How do I proceed?

Send all the items you wish to have sharpened or maintained to Transgroom. In this case, all shipping costs will be for your account.  As soon as we have received your item, they will be sent directly to our sharpening and repair department. You will be notified by phone or e-mail when the material is ready to be returned to you. Then you will also be kindly asked to make the payment. As soon as we have registered the payment, we will send the items back to the address of your choice. Shipping charges start as low as 4.09€ excl VAT within Belgium, depending on the size and amount of your package and the desired address. 


To which address do I send the material that needs to be sharpened or maintained?

Please send your sharpening and maintenance material to:


For the attention of the service department

Moenkouterstraat 4

8552 MOEN, Belgium


Don't forget to include your name, address, email and telephone number, as well as any comments regarding the service you require.

Download your sharpening form here, and/or your repair form here, fill it out with the required information and add it to your package. 

We would like to ask you to pack your scissors and clipper blades well and preferably individually to prevent damage.

Would you also like to place an order with us? No problem! Your order can be sent together with your sharpened or repaired items.


How long will this take?
As soon as your material arrives here with us, it goes directly to our service department. We strive to return all sharpening work within 3 days and repair jobs within 5 days (excluding holidays). If replacements or spare parts need to be provided, this time may vary depending on the stock of the relevant spare parts.

In case of collection, we ask you to pick up the repaired or sharpened items within one month. If this period is not respected, we will be obliged to charge a storage fee.


How much does the sharpening service cost?

Sharpening clipper blade: 7.50€ excl. VAT

Sharpening standard scissors: 9.50€ excl. VAT

Sharpening special scissors: 14.75 € excl. VAT


Standard scissors, such as those from Show Tech, are generally German made. Special scissors, on the other hand, are usually made in Japan and of higher quality. This requires a special sharpening technique. The Utsumi and Yento scissors fall under the latter category.


Repairs or service: this depends on the time and the parts required. You can always first request a cost estimate via


Sometimes it is not possible to estimate the cost of repair without inspection. In this case we will ask you to bring or send us the item(s) to be repaired and we will then look into the exact repair costs in more detail. Should you subsequently decide (based on the information obtained) not to have the items repaired after all, we will charge a fixed cost of €9.50 excluding VAT, to cover the cost of providing the estimate. If you decide to have the repair carried out or to purchase another product within the same category from us, this cost of €9.50 will be forfeited.



Is there a guarantee on sharpening work?

Yes, but we ask you to test the items concerned within 7 calendar days. Do you have any comments? Please let us know by e-mail within that period.

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