Kitty Talks Dogs - grooming Diesel the senior English Cocker

Is your English Cocker too old to stand at the grooming table for hours of handstripping? Kitty Dekeersgieter has the solution! Diesel the senior English Cocker is irritated by his long coat, so Kitty gives him a grooming according to the breed standard, but simply shorter. She cards the coat, but after that she only uses thinning scissors. Watch the video to see the transformation!

- Cleaning the dog's ears 0:58
- Clipping between the pads, the ears and the muzzle 2:59
- Clipping the dog's nails 5:19
- Carding the dog's coat 6:39
- Brushing through the coat 8:41
- Bathing the dog 9:18
- Drying the dog 12:28
- Brushing the dog's coat out 13:27
- Scissoring and styling the dog's coat 14:36