Groom-X presents the Compact Oval Electric Tournament Table with Light

To make your life as a groomer easier and more luxurious, meet the Groom-X Compact Electric Tournament Table. This professional salon table is jam-packed with nice features to take your grooming to the next level!

Grooming on another level

Thanks to the LED lighting incorporated in the large, oval tabletop, grooming is easy peasy on any coat. The light feature helps you to better see contrast, ideal when working on dark coloured coats. Another great advantage of this amazing table is the special anti-slip tabletop which is unique on the market.  

Using this practical table can also save you precious time and effort. The 4 sturdy wheels allow you to easily and quickly move the table. This is also ideal for cleaning or to wheel a large dog all the way to the bath.    

Securing the table is a piece of cake with the unique and well-thought-out brake system on the front and back of the table. It’s safe to say that grooming on this table is easy and very secure!

Another unique feature is the frame base. The special column motor ensures that you have plenty of leg room under the table when sitting on a stool. No more painful knees bumping into the table!

Working on uneven surfaces? Not a problem anymore! One of the 4 legs is specially designed to stabilise the table.

And the list of exclusive features of this table doesn’t end there. Thanks to the oval shape, you can groom your dog at any position around the table without bumping into the corners. Because this table doesn’t have corners, you can stand closer to the dog and have easier access. Both sturdy, heavy duty control posts with handy and strong adjustable rings rotate 180 degrees around the tabletop so that you get to work comfortably all around the table but especially at the front and back of the table. When you attach your dog to the ring in the middle of the arm of one of the two control posts, you can easily turn the arm 90° to the left and the right. This way, the arm of the control post is next to the table instead of in front of you. Working goes much easier because the arm doesn’t get in the way.

An easy to use, long ratchet lever allows you to secure and to adjust the control posts in height (up to 113.5 cm). Bye bye to fiddling with small buttons or knobs. With this strong lever, you can adjust the table control post height with ease!

You don’t need to run around to the other side of the table anymore to adjust the height. Simply push on the buttons (one is to go up and the other to go down) on the footswitch situated on both sides of the table. The great thing about this height adjustment system is that it is vertical with no sideways movements. Both smaller and larger breeds can be groomed on this practical table that allows you to change the height from 64 cm right up to 89.5 cm.

It’s all in the details

  • This table features 2 available, universal power sockets for clippers or other electrical items and 2 USB sockets. Electrical devices up to 2500 Watt (clippers, phones, nail grinders, dryers) can be connected to the power sockets.
  • Tabletop measurements: L 119.3 cm W 61 cm
  • Lowest level: 64 cm
    Highest level: 89.5 cm
  • Speed from lowest to highest position: approx. 15 sec
  • Dimensions control posts: 130 x 54.5 cm
    Length of the arm of the control post: 50 cm
    Thickness: 3 cm
  • Number of adjustable rings: 1 on each control post
  • Maximum weight capacity: 150 kg
  • Voltage: 110-240V
    Frequency: 50Hz

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