Groomania - team competition 2019

4 groomers from any country, even mixed countries, can form a team. Team points can only be gained in the 4 official classes:

  • Handstripping
  • Pure Breeds
  • Spaniels & Setters
  • Poodles

To be a team, you need 1 member of the team in each class, no matter if it’s in open class or champion class. The best team is the team that gains the most points in the 4 official categories. If there’s a tie, the judges will decide who wins. You can only participate in one team and it’s important to make the registration in the following way: each member of the team registers for the competition on the Groomania website.

When all the team members are registered, 1 member sends a mail to with the following info:

  • The names of the team members
  • Who competes in which class
  • The team name, for example the Hairy Groomers.

After you’ve made the right registration you will receive a mail back with your team number. Only then the team is fully registered.

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