Groomania 2022: How can I order my ticket?

On Friday 23, Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September, we will once again be organising Groomania, the world's most international grooming event!   

During Groomania, groomers from all over the world come to show their talents and challenge each other in competition. As organisers, we want to motivate and inspire like-minded people and we do this through competitions, seminars and much more.  

What to do?  

To take part in the competitions or support your favourite groomer or team as a spectator, or to attend the seminars and party at our dinner-and-dance party, we ask you to register on the Groomania website and click on the link 'Get your tickets here!   

Your registration form will then be downloaded and can be filled in by you. The form consists of 3 parts/activities: 'competition', 'seminars' and 'dinner'. Please note the number of persons on the right-hand side of the form next to the desired activity and the appropriate line.   

Would you like to attend all seminars and the famous dinner-and-dance party? You can do so by opting for a VIP ticket on the form (see last line under 'Seminars').   

Are you a student training to be a dog groomer, or a student supervisor or employee in a grooming school? We have a nice surprise (read: special deal) in store for you. So, contact us quickly for more information (   

Do not forget to fill in the form completely, the bottom part of the document as well! If you wish to take part in the competitions, it is important to mention the breed you will be participating with.   

Every person who comes to Groomania gets a badge. The name you fill in on the form will be on your personal badge. Are you the owner of a grooming salon? Register all employees of your salon with their own personal name and the name of the salon.   

Once you have completed the form, you can save it and mail it to 


Ok, I have filled in the form  

Great, thank you! You are one step closer to getting your tickets. Once you've filled in the form and emailed it to us, we'll get to work on processing your registration for you. You will receive a confirmation of your registration and a payment link within 72 hours (taking into account the weekend). This payment link will remain active for 24 hours, so keep an eye on your mailbox!   

Your registration is not final until you have paid. For a smooth processing, we ask you to confirm to us via e-mail ( when you have made the payment.   

Visiting Groomania is free!  

Every enthusiast is welcome at Groomania. It is the perfect meeting place for everyone with a heart for dog grooming and everything that comes with it! As a Groomania visitor, you have free access to the trade fair and the competitions (including the World Grooming Team Championship on Sunday). This means that you do not have to pay any entrance fee. Visitors receive a free ticket after online registration. The only thing you have to do as a visitor is to show your personal badge and your most beautiful smile at the entrance. 😉 
Do you want to experience Groomania to the fullest? Then don't miss the seminars, competitions and the party! More information on registration and payment can be found above under 'What to do?'.  

Until what date can I order my tickets?  

You can order your tickets online until Sunday, 18 September 2022. After that date it is no longer possible to register online. Missed this date? Don't worry, you can still purchase your tickets at Groomania. Registration and purchase of tickets is possible for morning activities on Friday until the evening before, for afternoon activities until 10 a.m. Please note that the ticket price is 20% higher if you register on the spot and that places are limited (full=full).   

We are looking forward to seeing you at Groomania. Get a taste of the atmosphere in our Groomania 2019 aftermovies:  

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