Yorkshire Terrier coat maintenance between dog shows

In January we were honoured to welcome Nadine Carpaccio and her prize winning Yorkshire Terrier Karalen blyuz Royal DAYMOND. She shows us how she maintains her Yorkie's coat between two dog shows. She washes the coat and shows us how to wrap the coat of a show dog so it is protected all the time. Nadine washes with Hydra and uses the Show Tech plastic wraps, Show Tech big wrap bands and the Show Tech Macadamia oil for wrapping the coat.

Making wraps:

Products shown in this video:

Washing the Yorkshire Terrier coat:

Drying the Yorkshire Terrier coat:

Wrapping the Yorkshire Terrier coat:

Steps of the grooming process:

  • Preparation 0:52
  • Washing the show dog's coat 1:21
  • Drying the show dog's coat 3:35
  • Wrapping the show dog's coat 4:51


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