Together we can build a bright future

September is traditionally the start of a new school year, also for dog grooming students. Have you decided to train in order to become a dog groomer? Congratulations! Dog grooming is a wonderful career choice with a future. The first steps into the world of dog grooming are always exciting. As a beginning student, it can seem overwhelming. There are so many things coming at you at once and sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees.   

Fortunately, you can count on us to welcome and guide you on your journey of discovery and introduction to this exciting industry. Maybe you are a second-year student and want to learn more? We are also happy to help more advanced students. Whether you are a newcomer or a more advanced student, we are always ready to share our passion and expertise with you. You belong to the new generation of groomers and therefore have a special place in our hearts. It is our mission to make your training run as smoothly as possible and to help build a bright future.   


Exclusive club  

Every professional training needs a place to turn to with all your questions and doubts, which is why we have created a Facebook group just for dog grooming students. Join GroomersCARE now and become part of an exclusive club dedicated to a shared passion for dog grooming. On 12 October at 8 p.m., we will host a live webinar through the group where we will tell you everything you need to know about the materials for your training. Afterwards, you will also get the chance to ask us your questions in a short Q&A session. So be sure to mark this date in your calendar!  


We notice that there is a massive demand for workshops, but unfortunately the supply of training courses is still rather limited. That is why Transgroom is organising a number of in-house workshops this autumn, for, among others, novice groomers. By registering for these workshops, you will come into contact with people who share the same passion, you will learn together with like-minded people and you will receive guidance from the best in the business! Thanks to their years of all-round expertise, Rony and the Kitty's are internationally recognised and true celebrities in the dog world. Besides trainings given by Belgian experts in the field of dog grooming, we will also welcome 2 Dutch top speakers: Lienke Luthart and Yvette Van Altena from Online Dog Grooming. These two successful, super-talented groomers will come to Transgroom on 22 and 23 October to give a workshop. For more info, click here.   

Can't take part in our workshops due to lack of time or distance? No problem at all. You can also view numerous grooming tips & tricks on our hugely popular YouTube channel, Transgroom TV. Currently we have over 15,000 subscribers and this number keeps growing every day! Not a member yet? Subscribe to Transgroom TV now and never miss a video.   


It’s a material world 

Taking a dog’s hairdressing course or classes requires an investment mentally, physically and financially. It is very intensive: you are expected to process a lot of new information in a short time. As a student, you absorb a large amount of new information, which in turn is converted into knowledge that you can use later. By investing in the right equipment, you will learn the necessary techniques faster and easier. We are happy to guide you in your search for and choice of the most suitable grooming material. Because we know that everyone has different needs, we offer a number of carefully selected, highly affordable student packages.   

These packages offer something for everyone! They take into account every budget and need. Would you like to order a package? We will provide you with all the necessary information about the materials in each student package and help you choose the right one. Let us guide you and order your personal package so that you can get stared perfectly prepared.   

Dog grooming is and remains a 100% practical profession where it is crucial to enrich and perfect your knowledge through sufficient practice and guidance. At Transgroom, we offer you numerous channels where you can seek advice from our internal grooming experts. As you can read: you are not alone. We are here for you! Is your head filled with questions? We are happy to answer them and help fill your head with knowledge, inspiration and motivation.    


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