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Are you a dog lover and want to brush up on your grooming knowledge, but don't know where to turn? We have noticed that there is a massive demand for workshops, but the supply of training courses is unfortunately still rather limited. Your wish is our command! Transgroom is keen to invest in the growth of the sector and of course we want to share our passion and expertise with others. That is why we are organising numerous workshops this autumn for both beginners and advanced groomers, breeders and private individuals.   

Personal coaching 

If you have been following us for a while, then you are undoubtedly familiar with Transgroom TV. Via this YouTube channel, which now has 15,000 (!) subscribers, we share our extensive knowledge with everyone. Would you like a more personal practical experience and coaching from the experts in dog grooming? Then take part in our workshops! Because we believe that both less experienced and advanced groomers benefit from continuing to grow, our workshops are designed for 2 different profiles.   

Are you a professional dog groomer and do you want to upgrade your knowledge? Then you have come to the right place! Every professional groomer can come to us, whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or a more advanced groomer still eager to learn. Dog grooming students are the new generation, the future of the industry. Are you a student and still in training? Then it's definitely interesting to take every opportunity you get to learn good techniques and grow your knowledge. By taking part in our workshops, you can prepare even better for your exam and increase your chances of success. Have you just graduated, and do you have serious doubts about the practical part? We are here for you! Or would you like to learn to work more efficiently and quickly, and are you in need of good tips & tricks to speed up your work pace? We can guide you in this. But even as a successful and experienced dog groomer, it is essential to develop further and perfect the knowledge you have already acquired. Maybe you already know many tricks of the trade and have a successful business. To become even more successful and remain successful, it is important to invest time and energy in learning. After all, the dog grooming business is constantly evolving and as a professional you cannot stay behind. By taking part in our workshops, you will avoid getting bogged down in your daily routine and way of working. Breeders will also benefit greatly from the workshops. If you like to present your dogs perfectly, down to the smallest detail, it is very important to master certain techniques. Out of love for the profession, we want to take care of the existing and the new generation of groomers and let them both grow. By sharing knowledge with others, we help build the industry and ensure its future.   

Our workshops are also available for private individuals. As a dog owner you often want to do as much as possible yourself, but sometimes you don't know how to start. We give you a good basis and teach you all the necessary techniques for the daily care, such as washing, drying, brushing and trimming nails. Or maybe you would like to learn how to groom as a hobby. With the right equipment and basic techniques, you can start at home. Now that you know that we can assist you, we are sure you would like to know why you should choose us.  

World-class expertise  

By registering for our workshops, you will encounter people who share the same passion, you will learn together with like-minded people, and you will receive guidance from the best in the business! Rony De Munter, Kitty Dekeersgieter as well as Kitty Ponnet are judges for the E.G.A. worldwide. Rony is well-established and very much in demand as a judge and for giving lectures etc. We are therefore very enthusiastic that he is willing to come and speak with us and assist you with his professional advice. Thanks to their years of all-round expertise, Rony and the Kitty's enjoy international recognition and are true celebrities in the dog world. Thijs Samyn belongs to the new generation of groomers with an enormous amount of knowledge. He knows better than anyone how to respond to contemporary trends and has a growing business himself. Click here for the exact dates and the programme.* 

We strongly believe in the principle that groomers should support each other. By joining forces, we will get further. In addition to training courses given by the Belgian experts in the field of dog grooming, we will therefore also welcome two top Dutch speakers: Lienke Luthart and Yvette Van Altena from Online Dog Grooming.

These two successful, super-talented ladies have their own online grooming school in the Netherlands and they also offer interesting webinars online. You can follow different courses with them (tailored to students, private individuals etc.) or a one-off online workshop (explaining a particular subject e.g., a specific coat type or one dog breed). On 22 and 23 October they will come to us to give a workshop.** Interested? For more info, click here. Together, we will help raise your grooming to a higher level.   

Not only knowledge is crucial, but also having the right material. That's why you will be able to shop and order in the new Transgroom showroom during the workshop days! *** Curious about what grooming material we offer? Then why not pay a visit to our webshop. Know that we are always there for you, no matter what questions or doubts you may have. During the workshops, our experts share their knowledge with you. What we all have in common is our infinite passion for dog grooming. Do you want to participate? Then get in touch with us. See you soon!  

* Additional workshops with international guest speakers are still to come, but because of covid, we will have to wait and see how things develop. To be continued! 
** You can choose whether you want to come on Friday and Saturday or just for one of the two days. Overnight stays are possible but not included. Would you like more information about booking an overnight stay? Then be sure to visit this page.   
*** On Friday you can easily place your order during lunch and pick it up after the workshop (until 5 p.m.). On Saturdays when workshops are organised, you can also place your order with us (before 11 a.m.) and we will make sure that it is ready for you at noon.  


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