The maintenance of dog grooming scissors

A pair of scissors must be well maintained in order to have a long life. Some factors that have an important influence on this are the cleaning of the scissors, adjusting the screw and the protection and transport of the grooming scissors.

In the following cases a pair of scissors has to be serviced or sharpened:

  • if the scissors pull on the hair;
  • if the scissors fall to the ground;
  • if the scissors do not cut anymore (first check the screw tension);
  • if the scissors only cut with the top;
  • if the screw is loose or falls out;
  • if the scissors are no longer tightened;
  • if the finger rest is loose or broken off;
  • if you have to exert too much pressure on the scissors to cut.

Cleaning and oil

It is important to know that hair, dirt, moisture and chemicals get stuck between the shear blades when cutting hair. These factors can contribute to the shears not working as well anymore. You can solve this problem by, on average after cutting for 20 minutes, using a soft hairbrush (Show Tech Scissor Shear Cleaner) to remove the excess hair and dirt from the blades. 

Scissors that are used daily should also be oiled daily, but only after first removing all the hairs and dirt from the scissors. You put a drop of oil between the screws on both sides. Both blades can also be protected with a drop of oil. Do NOT use clipper oil because this is specially designed to protect the blades from heat. To oil the scissors well, we’ve designed the Show Tech Scissor Shear Oil.

Adjusting the screw

To set the correct tension in the screw, hold the scissors with only the ring finger. If the grooming scissors do not open, the tension is good. If the screw has to be turned, this should happen per millimeter. After every millimeter you test whether the scissors still fall open. There should be no resistance when cutting the dog hair, but the shears shouldn’t be too loose either because then they won’t cut.

Protection and transport

A scissor blade that touches another hard piece of metal will be damaged. The cutting edge is so thin and sharp that it is very sensitive. We always recommend packing each pair of scissors separately when transporting. Never place several scissors in the same pouch space. There are several ways to transport scissors correctly:

  • A special scissor pouch can store up to 12 scissors.

  • If you are a professional user and have multiple grooming scissors that you use every day, you can easily store your scissors in the Show Tech Wall Mounted Scissor Holder. It isn’t good to put the scissors all together in a drawer where they can be damaged by friction with other material. If the cutting edges touch another shear, this cutting surface is damaged and it must be sharpened.

  • If you want to move your scissors safely, you can use the Groom-X Scissor Case. This offers the greatest safety to the scissors and can hold 10 or 20 scissors.

  • People working at home can use the Show Tech Storage Box for Grooming Tools. This is a plastic container with a kind of big brush inside. The bristles hold the scissors in place and make for a perfect storage and protection system.


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