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The correct way to hold grooming scissors

Both for the enthusiast and for the professional groomer it is of great importance that you take correct hand and body posture during the grooming

Obviously, you must hold the scissors correctly. If the scissors are on the table, the screw should be on top. Then you take the scissors with thumb and ring finger and keep the wrist straight. The shears should lay gently in the hand and there should be no stress in the fingers. The fingers lie lightly around the scissors.

Correct hand posture

The following pictures show two hand positions that are important when working with scissors. In the left picture a hand in natural resting position is shown. In the right picture you see the thumb and ring finger in a tweezer position. Green dots can be seen in these pictures, these are points where the scissors will come.

The following pictures show the correct way to hold grooming scissors.

correcte handhouding

The following picture shows that you always keep a straight wrist and a correct angulation of the fingers during the dog’s haircut.

correcte handhouding met trimschaar

Only the thumb goes up and down during cutting, this without putting any pressure. The scissors must be able to open and close without resistance. If you hold the scissors well, the fingers cannot slide too deep into the finger rings of your grooming scissors. If this is the case, use an extra rubber finger ring.

rechte handhouding met trimschaar

Correct body posture

Not only is the posture of the hand and fingers very important, but also the body posture. Especially for those who cut several dogs a day, it is recommended not to bend the wrist too much and to keep the back as straight as possible. You can bend your knees a little bit and tilt the pelvis slightly. If you hold the scissors correctly and provide a loose, straight wrist, then the forearm and elbow will also be less stressed. The shoulders must be kept down and relaxed. This is the only way you will be able to continue practicing the job for a long time without having injuries.


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