Snacks and nutritional supplements for dogs: when and why

When do you give your dog snacks?

If you want to teach your dog something, whether they're a puppy or an adult dog, it is best to start with a reward such as a snack for good behavior and for following orders. Once the dog realizes that he is being rewarded for this behavior, he will repeat this. A reward usually consists of a dog snack or piece of meat, but for some dogs a hug from its owner is ideal.

You can give a snack to your dog once in a while but don't overdo it so that the snack does not replace its diet.

A dog naturally has the urge to bite on something, especially young dogs are looking for items they can chew on, so it is recommended that you regularly give your dog something that they can chew on, such as a chew bone, a bone or a toy that he likes and can nibble on, and it is also good for his teeth. Puppies in particular like to chew on something when changing their teeth and also to experiment.

When and why do you give your dog a nutritional supplement?

If in doubt whether you would give food supplements to your dog, just remember that we live in a polluted world full of processed food. Our dogs live close to the ground and easily absorb foreign products such as cleaning products or road salt. Dog food is also always processed. Many vitamins and minerals are lost in the processing process. That is why it is important that you choose a good diet for your dog and supplement it with nutritional supplements that help your dog resist the effects of pollution, contamination and tension.

Giving food supplements can help your dog to resist various problems that are emerging more and more such as hip dysplasia in large purebred dogs.


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