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In the previous two blog posts about our sharpening and servicing department, we told you all about what sharpening, repairing and servicing your dog grooming equipment entails and how we can help you. Chances are you still have some specific questions. We are happy to answer them in this special FAQ blog post. Below are some of the most common questions we receive from customers.  

My scissors have fallen and there is a small nick in them. Can I still use them? 

No, it is recommended to stop scissoring with these scissors immediately. If you continue to work with them, you may cause more damage and make them difficult to repair. You will need to send the scissors for sharpening to get the damage repaired. 


And what if my scissors fell on the tip, can I continue using them? 

It all depends on the scissors in question and what material they are made of. Your shears are not necessarily broken. Do they falter or stick when opening and closing the shear? If not and if they feel like they are working normally then you have been lucky. If they don’t work smoothly or cut properly, then be sure to have them sharpened. 


Oh no, I dropped my clipper blade and a tooth got chipped off! Can I still clip or trim with it? 

Yes, but not in all situations. It all depends on which part of the clipper blade the tooth has broken off and also on which coat you want to use the blade. If one of the outside teeth is broken, it might have a very sharp edge that can come into contact with the skin and hurt the dog. If it’s a tooth between other teeth that is broken, you can feel with your finger if there are any sharp edges. You might be able to finish the dog’s coat, but we don’t recommend using broken blades with sharp edges at any time. If you have doubts, be sure to seek our professional advice. 

Help, my clipper blade is no longer functioning properly, and it doesn’t get through the coat easily. What can I do? Can your servicing department repair my clipper blade?  

We always recommend you clean and lubricate the blade after each use. First clean it with a brush so that all the hair between the blade is gone and then, put a drop of oil on the contact points where the blade moves. Don’t forget to use Show Tech Blade Guard to cool and lubricate the blade while you work – Simply spray a little onto the moving teeth of the blade. If you have been using the blade for a while, your problem can be solved by giving or sending us your blade to be sharpened. However, it might also be the clipper that needs a service. If you have another clipper, you can test the faulty blade on another clipper. If the problem is solved, then you are sure that it’s not the blade but the clipper. If all this fails, be sure to send us blade and clipper and don’t forget to state on the sharpening or repair form what the problem is. This way, our servicing department will know what to do once they have received your equipment.  

How often should I oil my clipper blade during use? 

Cleaning and lubricating should be done frequently. If you are using a clipper at home, then make sure that the blade is clean and oiled after grooming and before you put it away. Are you a professional groomer? Then we suggest regularly brushing away the hairs in between the blade and giving it a light spray of Show Tech Blade Guard to cool and lubricate the blade while you work. Use sparingly but frequently!  

Be aware of blade heat, modern clippers are very powerful and run fast. The extra speed creates more blade friction which in turn causes the metal blade to become hot. Using the Show Tech Blade Guard will help to improve lubrification and therefore reduce friction, however sometimes it may be necessary to use the Show Tech Instant Blade Ice to cool more quickly. If you spend a lot of time clipping, we recommend you have several blades of the same size so you can change blades if they become too hot. Blades which overheat work less efficiently and are dangerous because they can burn the dog! 

How come the clipper blade heats up so quickly? And what can I do about it? 

The first thing you need to do, is make sure that your clipper blade is correctly lubricated. One of the main reasons why blades heat up fast, is excess friction due to a lack of lubrification. All clipper blades consist of a combing, fixed part, the lower blade, and a cutting part, the upper blade. The friction caused by these two parts rubbing against each other creates heat, and even more so if the blades are dry. Want to cool down the clipper blade quickly? Then you can also use a cooling spray. A tip from our service manager Rik: When using a spray, always make sure you hold the clippers with the blade down so that no oil or product gets into the motor. 


What is the best way to store my clipper blades when they are not in use? 

To make them last longer and for you to find them easily and quickly, it is best to put them in a blade case or a mounted blade holder. Make sure that some air can still get in. So, if you want to put them in a box, don't close it completely. If you store the blades still wet/damp and keep them hermetically sealed, they may start to rust! 

How does a clipper blade get rusty? 

Grooming salons can be very humid places. Do not leave your material lying around and exposed to air and water. Not all clipper blades are made of stainless steel. Moisture and condensation will cause them to rust. However, if you clean, dry and oil the blades properly after use, they will last much longer and rust less easily. Another thing that will make your equipment last longer is to have it sharpened on time. 

How many times can I sharpen my clipper blades or scissors in their lifetime? 

On average, our service manager will be able to sharpen your clipping or scissoring tool up to 10 times and in some cases even up to 12! Continuity is important here. Bring your material in on time for sharpening and preferably to the same sharpener. A good sharpener using the same method will minimize the amount of metal removed and thus maximize the life of your tools. 


How can I tell that my scissors can no longer be sharpened? 

The width of the scissor blades is important here. If you are not a professional, this is difficult to assess. It is best to send your shears or scissors to us or bring them in so that we can help you with the appropriate advice. 


Talking about lifespan: how quickly does a dryer or blaster wear out on average? 

This is difficult to generalise. It depends on the intensity of use and the dryer in question. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your equipment guarantees a longer life! Some dryers were bought by our clients 20 years ago but are still functioning, even after intensive use! In most cases, we still have all the parts available.  


Does it still pay to have my 5-year-old dryer repaired? 

Most definitely! Our service manager will be happy to advise and assist you. He can draw up an estimate of the costs for you and help you decide whether it is still worthwhile having your dryer or blaster repaired. 


When I turn on my dryer, it suddenly smells burnt. What could be the matter? 

There may be several causes. It may be that there is hair caught around the heating element or the carbon brushes are worn out. It could also be an indication that there is another electrical problem. Make sure the filters are clean, but in any case, if the burning smell persists it is recommended that you send or bring the dryer to us for service. 

As you can see, everything depends on the exact material used and on each specific situation. If in doubt, it is always best to seek our advice. Do you have questions that were not answered above? Feel free to ask them via e-mail or in the comments below. You can also find a lot of useful information on our service page. We are at your service!




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