Quick and smart drying of your dog

Drying a dog after washing it takes quite a bit of time and energy. But what if you had tools that could make the drying process easier? There are special towels to dry dogs properly. By drying your dog with professional towels, you can work faster and keep your work area cleaner. Find out more about the heroes among the towels below.   

Magic towels 

In order to work efficiently, it is important to use the right towel at the right time. It can save you a lot of time and work. The Magic Towel is simply indispensable in every grooming salon! This unique towel, which can best be compared to a chamois, absorbs much more moisture than an ordinary towel. As a dog groomer you can easily use it all day long. No more big piles of towels to load in your washing machine at the end of the day!   

Microfibre towels will also become your best friend in terms of drying. They come in the traditional form, but you can also get bathrobes or coats that help you dry your four-legged friend. The multifunctional Dry Dude is ideal for older dogs or puppies who really don't like being dried off.  

Wrap the dog in a Dry Dude immediately after washing him from head to toe. Thanks to this fantastic tool, 35-40% of the water will be absorbed! Moreover, the pet can perfectly sit or lie down with it while a large part of the water is being absorbed by the towel. This way you can wash, dry or finish off another dog in the meantime. In the end, you save time and energy, and the dog can chill out for a while. Does the dog not tolerate that you dry his ears, for example because he has an ear infection and therefore painful ears? Then it’s a good idea to put an Ear Buddy around the head of the animal. This sound-insulating headband will absorb most of the moisture, so you do not have to touch the ears much.   

Spa treatment

One way to add value as a groomer is to consider the drying process as a pure moment of wellness. If you have a dog with a long coat that requires intense grooming, the effect of the conditioner or spray can be doubled! You can do this by first drying the animal thoroughly with a Magic Towel or Moisture Magnet Pet Towel to get all the excess moisture out of the coat. Then use the appropriate conditioner or spray on the coat and wet a Dry Dude or Magic Towel with warm water. It is important that the water on the towel is warm enough, but not so hot that you can't touch it. Lay the Magic Towel on the dog or put a Dry Dude on him. The warm, evaporating water of the towel will circulate the conditioner or spray between the coat and the towel, which in turn will cause the coat to become extra nourished or moisturised. Allow the water to evaporate completely for optimal treatment. By applying this golden tip, the dog will enjoy a blissful steam session and you will make him or her shine even more.   

For active dogs 

Do you want to take your dog for a walk and dry him at the same time? Then the Active Microfibre Coat is what you are looking for. This coat for dogs can be used anywhere and is the best solution to quickly dry your pet after a walk in the rain or a swim. The great thing about this product is that your four-legged friend can move around freely, and that your car and home stay clean and dry. An absolute must-have!  


A dry table 

Nothing is as annoying as a wet and slippery grooming table. Especially for puppies, older dogs and dogs with joint problems, a slippery table is a real nightmare. Avoid slip hazards and keep your grooming salon or work area cleaner and dry by using a microfibre towel or Table Toga on your table. Both will absorb a lot of water. The dog will not have to stand or sit in the wet. A Table Toga is specially designed to attach to tables in a salon. Thanks to the elastic hems this towel will always stay in place, even when blowing or drying the dog. By using this great towel, the dog can sit or stand comfortably while being dried. For you and your colleagues working with a Table Toga is safer and cleaner as well. You will not have wet and slippery water spots anymore around the table.   

As you can read, every towel has its specific use. Working with different towels will not only save you time, but also money! After all, by making good use of the right drying material for drying, you get the opportunity to do extra work within the same day. More time means more dogs and therefore more income for you. Moreover, owners do not have to wait as long for their pooch, which will undoubtedly make them even happier. So, nothing but advantages with the towels above. Be sure to try them out and let us know what you think! Looking for more grooming tips? Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, Transgroom TV, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.   


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