Not everyone is invited to the party

Can you feel that crispy, fresh breeze? Spring is clearly here! Along with spring, the party season is in full swing. When the temperatures rise, it is time for numerous weddings, communions or other parties. Those who are not welcome at those parties are... Mr. Tick and Mrs. Flea! These unwelcome party guests are only too happy to attend though.

Real party poopers

This spring, the temperatures are remarkably mild, which means there are even more fleas and ticks. Contrary to what many people think, fleas are not seasonal. This means that you can encounter them in all seasons. Ticks are also active for longer than you might think. Usually, tick season starts in April, but warmer temperatures mean that they can be found almost year-round.


Effective treatment of ticks and fleas

Fleas can cause a lot of trouble to both the cat or dog and you as owner or groomer. Not only will our four-legged friends experience annoying itching, but they can also develop a flea allergy. That is why it is important to get rid of fleas in time. You can do this by treating the area with an insecticide spray and removing the fleas from the coat using a flea comb.

In May, ticks are also very active and this year there are especially many. Have you seen a tick on your dog? Then it is best to remove it immediately with a special tick remover! After all, ticks can cause irritation and transmit numerous infections or diseases.


Get rid of all fleas and ticks!

It is also essential to wash the dog or cat with a professional flea shampoo. Show Tech+ Flea & Tick Shampoo can be used to effectively treat a dog or cat for fleas, ticks and other parasites. Flea & Tick is a safe and fast-acting treatment. It contains no chemical insecticides and is enriched with aloe vera that helps against allergies and soothes irritated skin. The dog or cat will experience less itching and consequently less scratching.

Besides aloe vera, Flea & Tick also contains dimethicone, a silicone that form a gel-like layer around the crawling coat parasites. This active ingredient blocks their muscles and joints and stops their breathing and physical mobility. They will fall off their host and can therefore be removed more easily.

Now you can enjoy an exceptional 25% discount* on Flea & Tick. So don't hesitate to fill your shopping basket with this effective, indispensable shampoo!


* Promotion valid from Thursday 12 May up to and including Wednesday 25 May 2022. Valid on 41STP007 and 41STP008 only and while stocks last.


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