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When your four-legged friend looks at you, you see a warm and loyal gaze... but perhaps also tear stains. Not only do they look somewhat unsightly (😉); they often indicate health problems. More on this in our previous blog post. The good news is that by keeping your dog's eyes clean and dry, you can reduce these tear stains! How to do it, we explain below.   

Bye bye stains 

It is important to tackle tear stains as soon as possible. You can do this by using different products. You can find all our eye care products here, but in this blog post we would like to take a closer look at 3 specific products that help remove and reduce tear stains: the No More Tear Stains, the Stain Away and the Vitalize. The first two will help you treat the tear stains externally, while the latter is a nutritional supplement to address the stains internally.    

First, let's talk about the No More Tear Stains.   

This fantastic product is truly essential in the treatment of stains. It helps to remove the reddish-brown tear stains and prevent the formation of new ones by reducing eye inflammation. Tear stains are caused by epiphora, or excessive tear production, as well as by high acidity of the tears.   

The oxidation-inhibiting effect of No More Tear Stains helps the coat retain its natural colour. We recommend using this best-selling product at least once (or even twice in severe cases) a day. Apply as much product as desired around the eye and 1 to 2 drops into the eye. Then use an Eye Wipe to remove the dirt and make the eye clean and dry. If your dog or cat's eyes are really dirty, you can use a special eye or face comb to easily remove any crust or dirt around the eyes. When used daily in and around the eyes, this lotion helps to clear the blocked eye canals and keep the tears colourless. Read more about where the red/brown colour comes from here 

As dry as possible

In severe cases, it is important to use other products in addition to No More Tear Stains. Our advice is to keep the eyes and the hair around the eye dry. What can help you with this is Stain Away. This natural clay-based product should be used after the No More Tear Stains to keep the eye as dry as possible. It will absorb the acidic tear fluid. You can apply the Stain Away around (BUT not in) the eyes and in the skin folds if your dog has those. The skin of for example a bulldog is prone to yeast infections. By keeping the skin around the eyes dry, you can prevent eye problems in your four-legged friend.   

Does your dog or cat also have spots between its toes, on its paws and beard? If so, it is important to apply some of this highly effective powdered product there as well. You can use the Show Tech+ Magic Powder Brush to do this. Dip the brush into the powder, leave the product in the coat for a while, brush it out the next day and then apply it again. Make sure the eyes are thoroughly dry and that there are no impurities left.  

Natural treatment

Finally, it is important to tackle the tear stains not only externally, but also internally. Vitalize is specially formulated to remove unsightly tear stains from the inside. This 100% natural food supplement helps to reduce the oxidation that is released through the tear ducts and will in turn reduce the formation of stains. It contains medicinal herbs that provide many health benefits. Among them are curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory properties, and yucca extract. The root extracts of this plant are known worldwide for their analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Vitalize also contains powerful active ingredients of devil's claw, a plant whose roots have medicinal properties. You can read here how best to use this fantastic product.

Do you notice a temporary improvement, but do the tear stains come back? Then the treatment may be repeated. Do you want an optimal result and as few tear stains as possible? Then it is important to use the three products mentioned in combination and as advised. Please keep in mind though that the above products are effective remedies that help you treat eye problems in a non-medical way. However, if the problems persist, we recommend that you consult a vet. Good luck!  

Are you a professional groomer, retailer or breeder? Then you can offer your customers No More Tear Stains and Vitalize together in an attractive display. This does not only look good in your shop or kennel but is also extra affordable. You save up to 50% by purchasing a display of both products. In other words: convenient and profitable!  

Do you have doubts or questions for us? You can ask them in the comments below, in the chat on our Facebook page or on our website.   


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