Kitty Talks Dogs - grooming Lou-anne the Yorkshire Terrier

Certified Master Groomer Kitty Dekeersgieter guides you through how she grooms Lou-anne the 5-month-old Yorkshire Terrier puppy. Learn how to get a Yorkshire Terrier puppy used to the grooming process.

It is important to allow every dog to get used to the grooming process as a puppy. You can start with light brushing, putting it on the table, cutting the nails a little bit, etc. Step by step you introduce the puppy to the grooming process. This way, the adult dog has no problem with grooming later on.


- Preparing the products 0:38
- First brush through 2:48
- Clipping: between the pads, the tips of the Yorkie ears and the backside 4:23
- Cleaning the dog's eyes and ears 8:10
- Clipping the dog's nails 11:10
- Bathing the dog 12:38
- Drying the dog and brushing out the coat 21:54
- Forming the top knot and top line 25:49
- Scissoring the dog's paws 29:02


Brushing and combing:


Eye care:

Ear care:

Nail Care:



Top knot:


Other salon necessities:

Lou-anne the Yorkshire Terrier before grooming

Lou-anne the Yorkshire Terrier after grooming



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