Kitty Talks Dogs - Grooming Isis the Afghan Hound

In this month's episode of Kitty Talks Dogs we are grooming Isis the Afghan Hound! Kitty calls this 'the king of all dog coats'. It's a tricky coat to maintain, but once you know all the secrets, you can make sure your dog's coat thrives. Watch the video to learn all about how to maintain the Afghan Hound's coat and which products to use!


0:00 Intro, maintenance of the Afghan Hound
4:15 Stripping the saddle of the Afghan Hound and thinning out the neck
16:35 Filing the dog's nails
17:17 Cleaning the dog's ears
18:28 Bathing the dog with Fraser Essentials shampoo and conditioner
25:50 Drying the dog
26:18 Brushing out the dog's coat with the Show Tech Pin Brush
30:24 Stripping, scissoring and styling of the dog's coat
36:16 Grooming result



Nail care

Ear care



Brushing and combing



Isis the Afghan Hound before grooming

Isis the Afghan Hound after grooming


Guy De Moor - 24 May 2021

Van harte proficiat met het mooie resultaat van Isis, heel goed uitgelegd in de video. Groeten Guy De Moor.


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