Kathleen Roosens @ Groomania 2021

Groomania 2021 presents Kathleen Roosens!

Kathleen grew up in the world of dogs and dogshows. Together with her father she has been breeding papillons under the kennelnames De costalina & Daydream believers for over 30 years now. The Roosens family has worked hard to substain this lovely belgian breed and has been blessed with some fantastic results along the way being the home of 28 Crufts, World & European winners with of course the icing on the cake being the 2019 best in show crufts win.

Interested to learn more about Kathleen Roosens and her life story? Watch the interview here!

Papillon demonstration

Kathleen Roosens and her Papillon Dylan are the perfect team! Proof of this is their Best In Show win at Crufts 2019. Kathleen exclusively uses Fraser Essentials shampoos, conditioners and sprays to groom her Papillons. In this video she explains which products she uses to prepare her Papillon for the dog show. She also touches on which products to use for maintenance between shows. Make your dog show ready with Kathleen and Dylan the Villain!


0:00 Intro
5:29 Bathing the dog with Fraser Essentials products
22:00 Drying the dog's coat
26:22 Scissoring and styling the dog's coat
27:42 Result of the grooming session


Brushing and combing






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