If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it... but service it!

To get the most out of your electrical grooming appliances, it is important to maintain them regularly. Transgroom has an advanced servicing and repair facility to help you keep all your professional equipment in excellent condition. But how does it work exactly? And why is it important to have your electrical equipment serviced regularly? What if your dryer suddenly breaks down? You will find an answer to all these questions in this blog post. 


At your service 

You can come to us for servicing and repairs to all your dryers and clippers. Rik, our service manager, works very meticulously and precisely, rather like a surgeon! He has many years of experience and is perfectly trained to heal your electrical equipment. The dryer or clipper will be disassembled, checked and cleaned. He will check whether all parts are still working properly and in the case of a brush motor, he will check the condition of the carbon brushes and replace them when necessary. For more practical information about servicing and repairs, please visit our website.  


Just what the doctor ordered 

It is important to have your equipment serviced frequently. Will you be temporarily closing your grooming salon for a well-deserved week of holiday? Perfect! This is the ideal time to have your dryers and clippers serviced. We aim to return all servicing and repair jobs within 5 working days (subject to parts availability). This way, you can get back to work with your equipment again in no time! We recommend that you visit us or send us your dryers and clippers at least once a year for servicing. In case of very intensive use, it can be advisable to do it more often. In doubt? Then feel free to contact us for detailed advice.  

Doing so will ensure that your equipment lasts longer and will help prevent them from breaking down. And as you knowappliances that last longer will save you time, money and stress, keeping your business running and profitableIf you have your equipment serviced regularly, it can help to prevent sudden breakdowns. Just imagine a very busy day at your grooming salon and just then your top dryer breaks down... Something you can miss like a hole in the head, right?! Everything of course depends on the intensity of use. Having your drying and clipping equipment serviced once a year is only a general suggestion.  

Doctor doctor, gimme the news

Have you waited too long and is your blaster, hair dryer or clipper broken? No need to panic! If your electrical equipment is broken, we can also repair it for you. We hold good stocks of most spare parts so we can work quickly to get your appliances back to you as soon as possible. If it is financially feasible, it is advisable to always have sufficient back-up material available at home or in your salon.  

Looking after your equipment is the best way to getting the best results in your work. With hair clippers, always clean and lubricate the blades after use. We recommend using a brush to remove the hair and then blade oil to lubricate the moving surfaces. Blade Guard should only be used while clipping to lubricate and cool the blade. It is recommended to store the clipper vertically when not in use by hanging or using a clipper holder in order to prevent excess oil or blade lubricant from running into the inside of the clipper.  

In case your blaster or dryer has suddenly broken down, you can bring it to us, and we may be able to provide you with a replacement appliance until your dryer is repaired. It is important to clean and protect your dryer or blaster regularly. You can do this by frequently cleaning out the filter. A well-cleaned filter ensures a good air flow. As a result, the motor of your dryer will have to work less and will last longer. 

Do you want to know whether it still pays to have your equipment repaired? Our service manager will be happy to advise you. Check out our website for more details on how it works and what the costs are. 

Do you have hairdressing or grooming tools that need sharpening? No problem! We also offer a first-class sharpening service for your professional scissors and clipper blades. Find out all about it in one of our previous blogs.  


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