How to use snap-on combs on long-haired dogs

Do you want to know how to use snap-on combs on your dogs with long, silky coats? In this video, we go over the basic rules for working with snap-on combs in your salon and we discuss 2 different clipping techniques with snap-on combs. We also show you the scissor-over-comb technique for finishing the coat beautifully! We use the Show Tech snap-on comb set with 9 snap-on combs together with the Show Tech clipper blade #30. Learn all about clipping and working with snap-on combs with Show Tech products!

Products in this video

Discussed in this video

0:00 Intro
1:57 Rules to working with snap-on combs
4:21 Clipping with snap-on combs with the direction of the dog's coat
8:59 Clipping with snap-on combs against the direction of the dog's coat
12:47 Finishing the dog's coat with scissors
13:40 Result


Maxine Hamilton-Wright - 24 Apr 2021

Really detailed explanation and great tips thank you!


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