Kitty Talks Dogs - How to groom a Standard Poodle with snap-on combs

How do you use snap-on combs to save time while still achieving a beautiful finish? Certified dog groomer Kitty Dekeersgieter shows you how to use snap-on combs on a standard poodle. She shows you which lengths to use and on which parts of the dog for this commercial style. By using snap-on combs to shave the coat in shape, you save a lot of time while scissoring and finishing. You also don't need to worry so much about making the correct angulations because you simply follow the outlines of the dog with the snap-on combs. Watch the video, from cleaning the dog's ears to scissoring and styling, to see the amazing transformation.


- Cleaning out the dog's ears 1:51
- Clipping the dog's nails 2:52
- Clipping the dog's face, paws, tummy and base of the tail 3:32
- Bathing the dog 7:35
- Drying the dog's coat 9:41
- Brushing out the dog's coat 11:41
- Clipping the dog's coat with snap-on combs 14:16
- Scissoring and styling the coat 20:03


Ear care:

Nail care:




Brushing and combing:



Other salon necessities:

Vuitton the Standard Poodle before grooming


Vuitton the Standard Poodle after grooming



Cheryl E Hanson - 10 Jun 2020

I am so thrilled each time I watch a video or read the backup blog. You are so talented! The support that is offered here, is expertise beyond perfection. Hugs to all your dogs, and I will keep adding to my tools as I can. The section on bathing and drying was so helpful. I strive to be at the point of perfect drying. I think this is the only way to get that perfect poodle. Cheryl and Darla


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