Kitty Talks Dogs - How to groom a Shetland Sheepdog

In this video, it's all about grooming the Shetland Sheepdog, or better known as: the Sheltie! How to use shampoos, conditioners and dryers to give the dog's coat more volume or lay the coat flat. We are using Hydra shampoos, conditioners and sprays to style the dog's coat, give volume or lay the coat flat where it's necessary. The Sheltie should have a straight back so we will try to achieve this with Magic!


1:19 Clipping the dog's nails
3:03 Cleaning out the dog's ears
4:13 Bathing the dog with Hydra shampoos and conditioners
7:29 Drying the dog
8:26 Brushing out the dog's coat
11:07 Clipping on top of the dog's pads
11:50 Scissoring and styling the dog's coat


Nail Care:

Ear care:



Brushing and combing:



Other salon necessities:

Magic the Shetland Sheepdog before grooming

Magic the Shetland Sheepdog after grooming




Meyer - 17 Jan 2022

Bonjour Comment nettoyer et couper les poils de la zone à anale pour que les selles ne s’accrochent pas aux poils ?


Meyer - 17 Jan 2022

Bonjour Comment couper spécifiquement la zone périanale pour que les selles ne collent pas aux poils ?


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