Hand stripping: the way to go

Does your Terrier his coat appear dull and soft? We have the excellent solution for you: hand stripping!

What is hand stripping?

For those of you that aren’t that familiar with all grooming techniques, this name might sound strange. It could bring to mind images of matters that happen behind closed doors (ooh la la) or suffering (owie). Rest assured, it’s none of the above.

When done properly, hand stripping does not hurt your dog at all. You are carefully pulling out hairs from the root to the tip, only a few at a time. This allows a new coat to grow and lets the skin breathe. Some areas such as the neck, tail, behind and the tummy can be sensitive. If preferred, you can also use scissors or clippers. For an instructional video, check here.

If there’s one thing that all grooming experts agree on, it’s that hand stripping can only be done on dog breeds that have a rough or wiry coat! These coats have two types of hair: a soft undercoat and a long and wire topcoat. Thanks to hand stripping, you remove that dense, wire topcoat to reveal the soft undercoat. Hello there beautiful!

A natural and vibrant looking coat

If you have a hand-stripping breed, you should not scissor or clip your dog’s coat. Scissoring or clipping can result in the coat losing its natural texture and vibrant colours. Wouldn’t you rather have a happy and beautiful dog with its natural coat, as he was bred to be? Without doubt, hand stripping is the correct way to groom most Spaniels, Setters, Schnauzers and Terrier breeds.

If the dead hair is not pulled out, a too thick coat might be the result and irritation and skin problems might occur. Another hair will grow in the same follicle. This causes the hair follicle to get clogged and as a result, the skin isn’t able to breathe anymore. Hairs also become finer, loose their colour and natural thick texture. Some coats will even start to be curly and fluffy. Not at all what you had in mind when thinking about a perfectly groomed dog, right? By hand stripping the coat in the correct way, you maintain the natural and breed-typical texture. A hand-stripped coat is able to repel water, dust and dirt, fewer mats are formed and your sweetheart’s colours are deep and beautiful again! What’s not to love about this?

Hand stripping knives

Hand stripping can be done not only with your fingers; you can also use tools that won’t cause coat breakage like finger condoms, stripping stones or very practical, safe and professional stripping knives.

At Transgroom, we’re happy to say that we are the exclusive distributor of The Sentinel, a high-quality brand of hand stripping knives. They are the tools you’re looking for if you want to work easy and fast without being hard on your fingers. Can’t wait to get started? Check out The Sentinel range here.




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