Hand stripping knives: your perfect grooming tool

If you have a dog with a rough or wiry coat, hand stripping is most definitely the correct grooming technique. Thanks to The Sentinel stripping knives, you will have an even more beautiful dog with a natural-looking coat.


What’s in a name?

Although the name may suggest otherwise, The Sentinel stripping knives aren’t dangerous and don’t hurt your dog (if used correctly). Actually, they aren’t really knives because they have a flat, metal blade with a blunt and toothed edge. The spacing between the teeth an be fine, medium or coarse, which helps you to grab the hairs between your thumb and the stripping knife with ease to be able to better pull the hairs. Easy-peasy. Some stripping knives are made with machines to be as cheap as possible. They have very sharp teeth and can damage not only the coat but also the skin instead of pulling out hairs, unlike The Sentinel stripping knives, which are handmade by true professionals!

If you want to, you can use just one stripping knife in any size to groom your beloved four-legged friend, though it’s actually much more comfortable and fun to have a few different stripping knives on hand.



Something for everyone: different sizes of stripping knives

There are two sizes of knife handles available: a slim handle for smaller hands and a wide handle for bigger ones. Quite handy, isn’t it? In addition, The Sentinel stripping knives come in extra fine, fine, medium, wide and coarse, which describes the teeth on the blade.

Extra fine is just perfect for finishing or for the parts where the coat needs to be extra short such as on the ears and face. Thanks to the micro teeth, this detailer is safe to use on sensitive skin. Do you want to groom the body blend, neck and shoulders in the best way possible? Then the stripping knives with a fine blade are definitely your number one tools! These blades are used for the finer work or finishing, but also for show dogs with a rolling coat that need to be done every week. If you’re looking for a universal knife for all short and medium parts, then we advise you to use the medium. This type of blade is ideal for stripping the jacket of Fox Terriers, but for all other work as well. Furthermore, there is the one with wide teeth, which is perfect for coarse coats, heavy work but that is also sublime for those who want to groom a Westie head, a Cairn Terrier or the long parts such as the legs on all breeds. Is the coat thick and long or really difficult to strip? We have the solution for you: a coarse blade. These very wide teeth can pull out a lot of hair at once and are great when you haven’t hand stripped for a while.

What’s maybe equally important is the fact that we offer stripping knives for both lefties and righties! To see the difference, you should look at the teeth. Each knife blade has a front with short serrations (where the teeth are), while at the back of the blade; the serrations are a lot longer because they’ve been ground at this side. If you are right-handed and hold the stripping knife in the right way, you are going to see the shorter serrations. 



Because of this wide range of stripping knives, we can offer a tool for everyone and every situation! Take a quick look at the many options here.



Michelle Peters - 27 Jan 2021

Can I see the difference in large and small handles?


Sofie - 22 Feb 2021

Hi Michelle, Sorry for the late reply. On the third picture in this post, you can see the ones with a large handle. The ones with smaller handles are pictured in the first photo of this post: https://transgroom.com/en/blogs/the-sentinel-stripping-knives-your-lifesaver-in-need. The width of the larger handle is 1.2 cm and the one for smaller hands is 0.7 cm. You can find all The Sentinel stripping knives here: https://transgroom.com/en/products?search=The+sentinel. Hope this helps. Sofie - Transgroom


Diana Cleghorn - 29 May 2021

What is the cost of a set, both right handed and left, broad handled please? Diana


Defever antoon - 27 Sep 2021

ik ben in het bezit van de kleine munsterlander(nu 8jaar oud ) ik wil hem tussendoor eens zelf trimmen(THE Sentinel) anders ga ik naar een honden kapper ik wens met een trim mes aan te schaven k heb redelijk grote handen wel trimmes raad je me aan


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