Get the most out of your dryer

In order to dry a wet dog properly you need, apart from dog towels, the right dryer(s). Previously you could read which types of dryers there are and how you can best dry with a dryer. Dryers are a very efficient way to dry a dog quickly and easily after washing. Undoubtedly a number of questions come to mind, such as "Is a dryer expensive to buy?", "How long does an average dryer last?" and "Doesn't it make a lot of noise?". An answer to all these questions can be found in this blog post.

Dryers: a sound investment

A good dryer saves a lot of time and gives a better result. There are large differences in purchase costs, but in general a dryer requires an investment. As a professional groomer or breeder, you should not focus too much on the price tag. A quality drying device allows you to dry faster, so you can work better and quicker. Therefore, it gives a higher profitability. You can get the same result with a dryer that has a smaller motor with less air volume, but then the drying will take longer. If you need to dry many dogs faster, you will need to buy a more powerful device that produces more air volume. The more air volume a dryer has, the more expensive it tends to be. If you make a well-considered purchase, you will recover the purchase cost in no time! We recommend that you make a checklist of product features that you consider the most important in order to find the best dryer. Need advice? Our team is always there for you! Whichever dryer is best for you, it will undoubtedly give you great satisfaction.


Extend the life of your dryer

The average lifespan of a dryer is difficult to determine. It all depends on the intensity of use. The lifespan of a dryer that is used intensively every day by a professional team will differ from that of one that is only used sporadically. It is important to consider at the time of purchase how many dogs you will need to dry on an average day. If you have a busy salon with trainees and other employees, the same dryer will need to run more than if you work alone or are a private person. Based on this information you can calculate which dryer suits your personal needs. To enjoy your dryer longer it is essential to maintain it well and in time. Especially when you use a dryer professionally, it is best to keep it well-maintained. This is important for every type of dryer, but especially for dryers that are equipped with carbon brushes. Carbon brushes are in contact with the moving part of the motor to keep it running and will wear out and need replacement after some time. If these brushes are not replaced in time, this can cause problems. To ensure the optimal operation of your dryer and to extend its life, we recommend that it is serviced at least twice a year for intensive use and once a year for private use. Sometimes, at an unexpected, busy moment, the device can suddenly fail, malfunction or even break down. As a professional groomer it is recommended to keep spares such as filters and nozzles and also to have a reserve dryer standing by in case of emergencies.

Variable air circulation

An interesting feature on a blaster, combi dryer or stand dryer is a button to vary the airflow. This feature, which is fitted to many but not all dryers, allows you to start drying gently; almost no air comes out of the dryer. As soon as the dog is more at ease, you can turn the knob, increase the speed and turn the dryer speed up a notch. This option is especially useful for puppies, older dogs and dogs that are scared or not used to a dryer. It is also ideal for small dogs.

Not for sensitive ears

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a quiet dryer. The more air volume per m3 (CFM) a dryer produces, the more powerful and thus the louder it is. A blaster or high-velocity dryer has a lot of blowing power and will therefore always make more noise than, for example, a stand dryer. The type of nozzle also plays a role. The finer and narrower it is, the more noise the blaster will produce. The noise that is produced is not from the machine itself (the motor), but from the air force that comes from the dryer. It is not the wattage that the machine has that is important, but the air volume that the blaster produces. Do you want to dry your dog faster? Then a blaster is indispensable! Of course, other factors also play a role, such as the size of the blaster and its precise use. When used intensively in a professional environment, we always recommend the use of noise-reducing headphones or a headset during the drying process. If you do not do this, there is a very high risk of hearing damage. Don't forget the ears of frightened dogs! They can be properly shielded or protected from the air thanks to the handy Ear Buddy that creates a safe feeling for the dog.

Everything runs on wheels!

Another element to consider is the size of the wheels on a stand dryer. If it has small wheels, a lot of hairs can get stuck at that spot. These should be removed regularly, for instance with a pair of tweezers. If you don't do this, the wheels will get blocked by the accumulation of hair. Consequence: you will no longer be able to move the device and thus won't be able to use it properly. A stand dryer with large wheels and/or with wheels without openings will cause less problems in that respect.

He makes you warm

No matter which dryer(s) you choose, the right one won't leave you out in the cold. And you can take that literally. Every working dryer produces heat and that heat is also determined by the temperature in the groomers salon or the room it is placed in. So, on a summer day the device will heat up faster than in the winter. That is something to take into account. Overall, the list of advantages of a dryer is much longer than the list of disadvantages. Dryers are indispensable if you want to dry a dog's coat quickly and properly. Are you in doubt and do you not know which dryer best suits your needs? Let our team of experts help you. Do you have any other questions that we haven't covered here? Feel free to ask them in the comments or contact one of our colleagues. Would you like to see how our grooming experts dry a specific breed? Then be sure to watch the Kitty Talks Dogs videos on our YouTube channel, Transgroom TV. You can watch the video in full, but you can also easily skip to a specific step in the grooming process (e.g., drying). Now, it's time for action!


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