Ear care: essential for every dog

Anyone who has ever had a really bad ear infection knows that it is anything but pleasant. Can you imagine how this must feel for your poor pooch? However, many ear problems in dogs can be prevented with good and frequent ear care. In this blog post, we will explain how you can know your dog might be suffering from ear pain or an ear infection and how to prevent it.  


How to spot ear problems in your dog 

Your dog's ears need regular care. Sometimes your four-legged friend may suffer from excessive earwax, earache and ear infections. Ear problems are one of the most common ailments in dogs. But how can you tell if your dog is suffering from them?  

There are a few common signs. One of them is your best friend tilting its head. He or she will do this especially with the painful ear pointed downwards. Another sign is ears that really stink and have a penetrating, irritating and sour smell. When your dog frequently scratches his or her ears, sometimes completely out of the blue, then there is often something going on. Ear pain or an infection can put your pet out of sorts and cause him to lose focus during play or other activities. Do the ears feel very warm and/or do they look red? This often indicates ear problems as well. Sometimes the animal will not even allow you to touch its ear, or when you do, it starts to whine and clearly shows you that its ear is in pain. If your dog starts to pull his head away or starts to whine in a panic, this is a clear signal that there is more going on than you might think. If this is the case, we advise you not to touch the ear anymore and consult a vet. An ear is often a breeding ground for bacteria and funghi and it’s possible that your dog has an ear infection or other ear problem. Especially breeds with long hair or drooping, floppy ears need to be regularly checked. Not only is it essential to check an adult dog’s earsIn case you have a puppy, it’s also important to sniff his ears regularly and check if they smell really bad, sour or just totally different than usual. This way, you might recognise a possible ear infection early on 

This ear is red and looks painful. If your dog’s ear looks like this, it is advised to go to the vet urgently.  

A healthy, clean dog ear should have a nice pink colour on the inside with no dark brown earwax, no dandruff or red skin visible and it should have no smell.  

Doesn’t the dog seem to have any pain and do you notice that there is just an excess of earwax present? Then it’s time to start cleaning the ears. Cleaning your dog's ears may be tedious for a while, but ultimately it is for his or her own good. It is highly advisable to get your dog used to it as quickly as possible and, if possible, start the ear cleaning routine when he or she is still a puppy.  

This ear is very dirty and has excess earwax. You can clearly see that the skin is not red but pink, which means that the ear is not inflamed but needs urgent care. 

How to clean your dog’s ears 

In order to prevent ear problems such as infections, it is a good idea to keep the ears in good condition during the daily or weekly brushing session. Cleaning the ear canal is an essential task in caring for your dog. After all, the consequences can be very serious if it is not followed up or done at all. Ear cleaning serves to remove excess wax from the auricle and ear canal and can be done very easily with the right products. Before starting the cleaning process, make sure you are calm, collected and consistent.  

Does your dog have (quite) a lot of hair in his ears? Then it is important to first pluck the excess hair from the ears before you can start removing the excess earwax. Why and how best to do it will be explained in our next blog post on ear cleaning. 

Are you all set? Time to get to work! Cleaning starts primarily with the application of an ear cleaner. The Show Tech Ear Care Solution is the perfect product for you! This amazing ear cleaner based on essential oils makes sure that the earwax idetached from the skin and dissolved, so that the cleaning is done efficiently in no time. It promotes circulation and removes unpleasant odours.   

Apply the product in the dog’s ear while squeezing the bottle of Ear Cleaning Solution until the ear canal is full of product.  

Massage gently at the base of the ear so that it is well distributed in the ear.  

Wait for at least a minute to let the active ingredients dissolve the ear wax. Take one or more big Q-tips, for example bamboo sticksin your hand. 

With these functional ear sticks, and in combination with the Show Tech ear cleaning solution, you can clean the entire auricle and ear canal from visible earwax. Your dog may start shaking during this process. No need to worry or panic! This is a completely normal reaction.  

After carefully cleaning the ears, we recommend using the Show Tech Ear Wipes to clean the outside of the ear 

These wipes with lanolin and aloe vera extracts take care of your pooch’s ears and dry them faster. The result is a happy dog with squeaky-clean ears!  

If your dog has sensitive ears, then it is recommended to use the soft Show Tech Ear Care cream 

The advantage of this great product is that it does not dry immediately but it is nicely and evenly distributed. When the dog shakes his head, the cream does not fly around everywhere. It will dissolve the earwax. After applying the cream, remove it and the dissolved ear wax from the ear with a large ear stick, otherwise the dirt will remain in the ear. Because of its gentle formula, this product is better for sensitive skin. The carefully formulated combination of natural ingredients helps control unpleasant odour, itching and excessive earwax.  

Would you like to make our and others' ears happy by sharing your positive experiences with our productsFeel free to share your praise and ideas in the comment section below! 


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