Dry shampoo: your lifesaver

Dogs can be really messy. They often love nothing better than to roll around in the dirt, and after a walk in nature, your four-legged friend usually doesn't look so polished any more. Don't panic, because your lifesaver is already here: dry shampoo!  

Anytime, anywhere 

Most of us are often "busy, busy, busy". Bathing your dog every day is usually impossible. A dry shampoo is ready to use and your lifesaver when you urgently need to clean your dog's coat but do not have time to give him a bath. It can really be used anytime and anywhere. If you own a grooming salon, this shampoo should definitely be part of your arsenal. You can use it on dogs that cannot or should not be washed. Think, for example, the paws and legs of wire-coated breeds. Or perhaps you have a dog who suddenly does his business on the grooming table just when he was ready to go... Not ideal, but there’s no need to panic! A good dry shampoo will instantly freshen up a dirty dog. Do you have a white dog that urinates on his paws again and again? Then the urine undoubtedly stains the coat. Annoying, especially when you want your pet to always look clean and well-groomed. For a dog that has been operated and is dirty but cannot be washed, a shampoo that you do not have to rinse will come in handy as well. Do you want to get a dog clean quickly but can't use water, for example when he is not a big fan of or simply terrified of water? Then a dry shampoo is your lifesaver. It can also be helpful for cats. Some long-haired cats did not get used to being washed as kittens, which can lead to you having to wash them with dry shampoo for life. For people with show animals, it is a good emergency solution as well. You can use dry shampoo at shows or competitions to quickly freshen up your show dog's or cat's coat. Ideal when they have had a small accident just before entering the ring or when you want to freshen up your four-legged friend after a long trip. But how exactly does this kind of shampoo work and what are the effects?  

Greasy is not pleasant 

As with humans, cat and dog skin has natural oils. As a result, the skin and hair become greasy, sticky to the touch and they develop a distinctive odour. A good dry shampoo absorbs excess sebum, oils and dirt from the skin and hair and retains them. After applying the product to the coat, it is important to massage it into the coat thoroughly. Be sure to leave the product in the coat for a while so that it can be absorbed. The active ingredients can then be nicely distributed, and all dirt, unwanted oils and sebum absorbed. Afterwards, remove the product, which has absorbed all dirt, by means of a brush, dryer and/or towel (depending on the type of dry shampoo, more about this under 'Best dry shampoos'). A bonus: odours disappear like snow before the sun. The result is a fresh, shiny coat that will no longer smell.   

Another big advantage of dry shampoo is that it absorbs urine and therefore neutralises the acidity in the coat. Urine causes acidification and discoloration of the coat. Dry shampooing is particularly helpful for dogs that urinate on their paws and where urine penetrates the coat. It is useful, especially with older dogs, to always have a shampoo without water at hand. Joint pains often make them less mobile, making a good peeing position difficult.  

Best dry shampoos 

There are different types of dry shampoos. How to best use them depends on the type of shampoo. You can buy them in aerosol spraypowder, regular spray or mousse form. The powder is great for eliminating odours. Just sprinkle it on the coat, rub the product in well, brush and if you want you can also finish the hair with a dryer. By using a dryer you blow the powder, which has absorbed all the dirt and grease, out of the coat. Moreover, it helps you to straighten the hairs and you get the most beautiful result. A liquid dry shampoo can be sprayed onto the coat and rubbed in or applied with a sponge. For short-haired breeds, you can also use a round rubber brush. Then dry the coat with a microfibre towel. We prefer a microfibre towel because it will absorb the dry shampoo better and quicker than an ordinary towel. This towel will also absorb the dirt. Finally, brush the coat using a dryer and a pin brush or slicker to straighten the hair. By directing the warm air from the dryer at one spot, you can brush with precision. You can also use a dry shampoo in mousse form. Apply the mousse to your hands, rub them together lightly and apply to the hair with both hands. Repeat this until the product is well massaged into the entire coat. Then dry the coat with a microfibre towel and brush it out with a pin brush or slicker while blowing hot air with a hairdryer to finish.   

Do you want to keep your dog's coat always clean and spotless without much effort? Then Quick Clean is the best solution! With this aerosol spray, all you have to do is apply the product, brush and that's it! 

It cleans deeply, absorbs all oils and dirt and, thanks to its unique perfume, makes every dog smell fresh again. Due to its absorbent effect, Quick Clean also gives volume. This makes the coat feel soft and fluffy. And that is not all! This top shampoo is also anti-static: the hair is detangled and becomes smoother and stronger as a result. What makes this product even more fantastic is the UV filter. Simply ideal in summer for home and away. Try it now! We bet you won't be able to live without it again!  

No matter which dry shampoo you choose, brushing it out is always necessary.   

Would you like to protect the coat of your four-legged friend even better against dirt and urine? Then the Quick Fix Spray is what you are looking for! This multifunctional spray offers a solution for the most common coat problems. It will protect the coat, make it shiny and reduce the penetration of dirt and urine into the coat.   

So, save yourself time and buy a good dry shampoo! It really is perfect for anyone who wants to clean a dirty coat quickly and effectively and for whenever you are short of time. Of course, we are eager to hear about your experiences with dry shampoos. Be sure to share them with us in the comments below.  


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