Does your dog also urgently need grooming?

Does your dog also urgently need grooming? As you know, this is not evident in current times. Moreover, for many it is not yet clear when grooming salons can open again to give your four-legged friend the essential coat care and accompanying cut. The restrictions do not make things any easier and there are still many unanswered questions.

Waiting too long to care for your dog can lead to certain problems such as itching and other discomforts. The warm weather can also make the coat more difficult to care for. More than ever, proper maintenance between grooming sessions is necessary to keep your dog's coat healthy and beautiful. In addition, when the grooming salons are finally allowed reopen they will be inundated with appointments which will mean a longer wait for your dog to be groomed.

That is why we started working with our groomers to help with this and to offer the right solution for the dog and his owner, but also for your dog groomer. We have prepared 2 essential care kits to help you with this. We offer a basic and advanced kit, compiled to meet your needs. The products are chosen for ease and efficiency in use to help you achieve an qualitative result.

Take a look at our video instructions to support and get you started with these kits. But please also ask your groomer for advice on proper care according to the coat type of your dog. Remember that the person who usually trims your dog's coat, will be able to better estimate any underlying problems and can recommend appropriate actions!

Many groomers already use our grooming kits for their customers, so you should also be able to ordered directly through your groomer and expanded as needed. If your groomer not have these kits available, ask them to contact us for quick delivery and remember that you can always contact us for further questions and information if necessary. After all, we have to get through this together!

Above all, note that treating the coat correctly between grooming saves time, money and frustration now and in the future. Don't leave your dog to its own devices. Save yourself the frustration and give your dog the time needed to stay happy and healthy.
Finally, please be patient when making a new appointment with your dog groomer as they may have a chaotic agenda and will also have to take extra precautions.

ps: Feel free to share this info with friends, family and/or your groomer. Together we stay strong!


Show Tech Basic Dog Care kit

Show Tech Kit Complet de Soins de Base pour Chiens


Show Tech Advanced Dog Care kit

Show Tech Kit Complet de Soins de Base pour Chiens


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