Coat care from A to Z

Complete coat care consists of several steps. One of those steps is cleaning. In our previous blogs you could read about the best way to wash a dog. But what to do when a regular shampoo is not an option? And is washing with shampoo and conditioner enough for a radiant coat? You will find the answers to these questions in this blog.

The quick solution

In some cases, it is not feasible to wash the dog with an ordinary shampoo and conditioner. When the dog has a panic fear for water or when he or she really cannot or may not be washed (for example, in the case of a terrier after plucking), then you need another cleansing product. Dry shampoo is the ideal solution in these cases. Thanks to this instant cleansing product, the hair is immediately fresh and grease-free. It is also an essential grooming product when your four-legged friend is very messy.

For dry shampoo to do its job properly, it is important to apply it as close as possible to the hair root and against the skin. Spray a small amount of dry shampoo about 20 cm from the hair roots and leave it to work for 2-5 minutes. This way, the product has time to absorb all sebum and grease and give an optimal result. Do you see a white layer? This is perfectly normal! The white layer you see is the powder and its active ingredients. It will absorb the excess oil and dirt and clean the coat. After applying the dry shampoo, brush the coat thoroughly. This will remove the powder that has absorbed the dirt and grease from the coat. Do you have a dog with long hair and are you working with a dry shampoo in powder form? Then apply the dry shampoo in layers. That way you can spray the product onto the skin, and you will get a better result. Does your dog have a dense coat? Then a special powder duster is indispensable in order to be able to apply the powder perfectly where you want it, for instance on the sides and the belly of the dog.

Dry shampoo absorbs excess grease and is simply a great way to cleanse the coat. You may now be wondering: do I still need to use regular shampoo? The answer is yes! A dry shampoo is just a temporary, quick fix for dirty coats and unpleasant odours. Products like Quick Clean are ideal to postpone a wash but are no substitute for a regular shampoo that requires mixing with water. Is a dry shampoo sometimes indispensable for your dog and do you use dry shampoo frequently? Then be sure to alternate and wash the coat with water and a normal shampoo as well.

Cleansed but not sufficiently nourished

When you use dry shampoo, you also automatically add volume to the coat. By absorbing sebum and oils from the coat, you get a drier and airier coat with less natural oils. That is why it is important to give the hair sufficient nutrition. Protect & Shine Serum nourishes the coat and keeps it in excellent condition. A multifunctional spray is also a must for top-notch coat care. The Quick Fix is not a classic oil, but a unique leave-in spray that regulates the moisture balance of the hair. You can choose between a ready-to-use spray and a concentrate. To make the Quick Fix even easier to apply, a trendy and handy spray bottle is a must-have! For long-haired coats and dogs with brittle, damaged or dry hair, it is crucial to provide an additional, nourishing treatment with oil in addition to an extensive wash.

An oil treatment gives the hair back its elasticity, strength and health. For example, the hair of show dogs is constantly treated with a nourishing oil between washes and/or shows. With show dogs, every single hair is important and needs to be treated with the utmost care, because every cm in hair length counts! By wrapping the coat in oil and wraps, the hair cannot break off and be damaged by environmental factors. This is done using special wrapping material (rice paper or plastic wraps), oil, a needle comb, a brush and elastic bands. When you have made wraps, replace them at least once or twice a week.

Not only at shows, but also in the grooming salon and at home, a nourishing oil is an added value. As a groomer, you can offer your four-legged clients a true wellness treatment and maintain long hair or restore a dry, damaged or brittle coat and make it shine again! As a dog owner, you can also start a treatment at home. Both at home and in the salon, it is important to plan this treatment for the long term. A one-off application of the oil will not be enough to restore the coat or keep it in good condition. We recommend treating the coat once or twice a week with the Moisturizing Coat Oil to maintain the coat and bring it back to its natural balance.

You can apply the oil the evening before washing, just after washing or mid-week between washes. When you apply the oil to freshly washed hair, the coat and skin will be cleaned and able to fully absorb the oil. Keep in mind that the coat will look greasy when you have applied the oil. In any case, it is important not to apply too much oil at once. Put a few drops in your hands, rub them together and then gradually apply the oil to the hair and ends. Want an even more nourishing effect? Then mix the oil with a conditioner. You can also apply the oil with a soft brush. It is up to you whether to let the hair hang down or to wrap it for extra protection. Wraps are generally seen done by people with show dogs and breeders, but you can certainly do this as a dog owner too. It does take some practice. Would you like to get started? Then watch the video below where we show you how to groom a Yorkshire terrier's coat and wrap it.

Oil-rich products are not only important for long-haired dogs and dogs with brittle, dry or damaged coats. Does the dog have short hair and skin folds? Then oil-rich care products are also very useful for keeping the skin and/or coat in top condition. If the dog suffers from irritation and dandruff at the skin folds, the Skinsational Scrub is your partner in crime! By treating the skin folds with this unique sugar scrub based on avocado oil, the animal's skin will be silky soft and hydrated.

The Skinsational Scrub should definitely be on your shopping list if your pet or four-legged customer is a hairless dog or cat. The skin will undergo a true transformation and will look healthy, smooth and flawless!

As you can see, there is a lot involved in a complete coat care regime. The above tips will help you maintain any dog's coat in the best possible way and make it shine again. We wish you lots of grooming fun!

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