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If you lie down with dogs, you might get up with fleas

Anyone who has a dog or cat has undoubtedly already come across these unwanted house guests. Those who have, know that fighting fleas is not...

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Let’s talk about ears, baby!

The ears are an important part of the dog’s body. Not only are they essential for hearing; ears also play a major role in body la...

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Ear care: essential for every dog

Anyone who has ever had a really bad ear infection knows that it is anything but pleasant. Can you imagine how this must feel for your poor ...

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Cutting dog nails: how, why and when

Cutting dog nails can be seen as a kind of quality time with your dog. You can make a moment of pampering it and of course make sure that this is not...

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The dog and its cage

The cage, also known as a bench, kennel or box, is specially designed for dogs. A cage is a very good investment that can be very useful in many...

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