Expert advise

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You’re worth it!

No, we do not want to advertise L'Oréal here. ;-) So why this message? Because we want to show groomers that change does not have to be frighte...

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Always the best choice thanks to Show Tech+

In the world of dog grooming, there is an endless supply of coat care products. Stressed about the choice? We understand that all too well. As a consu...

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A blessed summer

At Transgroom, we're back from our annual summer holiday. And what an enjoyable time it was! Our batteries have been fully recharg...

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Kyra with the beautiful eyes

When your four-legged friend looks at you, you see a warm and loyal gaze... but perhaps also tear stains. Not only do they look somewhat unsightl...

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Why your pet might shed a tear

There is no doubt about it: your dog or cat is the most adorable animal on earth! Too bad about those unsightly tear stains though. Many breeds suffer...

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