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Kitty Talks Dogs - Grooming Jojo the medium-sized Poodle

In this episode of Kitty Talks Dogs we are grooming Jojo the medium-sized Poodle. Jojo was born in 2019, her owner is Fien Goerlant and she was bred...

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Internship: key to your success

To become a successful dog groomer, gaining experience and knowledge is essential. One of the most important cornerstones for your futu...

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How to put Show Tech clipper blades on a clipper

In this video we show you how to attach and detach a clipper blade to your clipper. We also show you what to do when the hinge on your clipper is co...

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Passing your training with flying colours

Dog grooming is truly a fantastic, 100% practical profession, which no computer or robot can replace. It is an art, a form of expression&nbs...

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Servicing and repairs: Leaving no questions unanswered

In the previous two blog posts about our sharpening and servicing department, we told you all about what ...

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