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Kitty Talks Dogs - Grooming Poppy the senior West Highland White Terriër

In this episode of Kitty Talks Dogs we have Poppy the West Highland White Terriër. Poppy is a 7-year old bitch, bred by Mich Dale and the owner...

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Hand stripping: leave no stone unturned

If you have been reading our previous blog posts about hand stripping, then you already know that there are a lot of options available....

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How to attach Show Tech snap-on combs on your clipper

How do you attach and detach snap-on combs on the snap on blades of your dog clipper? In this video we explain it to you! It’s also explained...

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Hand stripping: pick your winner

To bring out the best in your dog’s features, hand stripping can be interesting! If your little (or big) sweetheart has a ruff or wiry coat, the...

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The Sentinel stripping knives: your lifesaver in need

Is your dog’s coat losing its natural texture and vibrant colours? Without doubt, hand stripping might be a solution. Not all dog breeds should...

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