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Kitty Talks Dogs - Grooming Sully the Scottish Terrier - part 2

This is part 2 of Sully the Scottish Terrier. This is the second time she's being groomed and the first time that she's professionally bathed! Sully...

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Kazuaki Jingu @ Groomania 2021

Groomania 2021 presents Kazuaki Jingu!
Kazuaki Jingu is one of the greatest groomers in Team Utsumi. He decided to be a groomer at 15 years old...

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Dieny Uiterwijk @ Groomania 2021

Groomania 2021 presents Dieny Uiterwijk!
Dieny grew up with Fox Terriërs.  At a very young age she started to show and groom them.&nbs...

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Together we can build a bright future

September is traditionally the start of a new school year, also for dog grooming students. Have you decided to train in order to b...

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Kitty Talks Dogs - Grooming Sully the Scottish Terrier

Do you want to know how to turn your fluffy puppy into a proper Scottish Terrier? Then this is the video for you! In this episode of Kitty Talks Dog...

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