Expert advise

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Blunt is better

Plucking is a grooming technique that is essential if you really want to make a wire-haired coat or any other type of coat that needs to be plucked sh...

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Professional deshedding

De-shedding is a job that gives us groomers great satisfaction. When we clean up the large packs of wool in our salon after de-shedding, we know we ha...

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The secret to deshedding

The rising spring temperatures give it away: It's time to de-shed again! Dogs with a double coat are currently in the shedding period. All those hairs...

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Tips for a safe, functional and attractive grooming salon

Maybe you have already done a big spring cleaning in your grooming salon. Now it's time to think about the interior too. When you design and furnish y...

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A cozy Halloween

Halloween is traditionally all about shivers and horror, but it is also much more than that. This holiday falls in autumn, a season that is colder and...

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