A healthy coat all summer long!

It is high summer. This usually means that temperatures are rising. Can you see yourself wearing a fur coat in the heat? No, of course not! That is why many people want to shave their dog's coat short in summer. However, dogs regulate their body temperature completely differently to us. It is generally not a good idea to shave your dog short or bald in summer. Want to know why that is and what the best way is to protect your dog's coat in the heat? Then be sure to read on.  

Shade against the sun 

A dog's coat has a protective function against the cold, but also against the heat and harmful UV rays. After the big cold has gone and just before the summer arrives, the coat undergoes a change. The typical winter coat comes off and shedding occurs. This is especially the case with double coats, woolly coats and short-haired breeds. After this moulting period, the summer coat will appear. Your dog will have to make do with this coat (unless he or she has a coat that needs to be hand-stripped). You can best compare the summer coat with a sunshade. It protects the dog from overheating and burning, and it has an insulating effect, which means that it helps regulate the body temperature.   

Therefore, it is very important to maintain the coat perfectly and frequently throughout the year, including in spring. Make sure that the dead undercoat and tangles are removed regularly. If you look after your four-legged friend's hair properly, layers of air will form between the different coat layers. These layers, in turn, will optimise air circulation and help cool your dog down. If you shave the animal’s coat short, you are removing these layers. He or she will then become warmer (and cold in winter) much more quickly. Clipping the coat or trimming it really short or bare is therefore an absolute no-go! It is strongly recommended that you visit a groomer on a regular basis. A professional dog groomer is highly skilled and can help you optimally prepare the coat for summer. Does your dog spend a lot of time outdoors? Make sure he always has enough shade to prevent overheating and hair damage. Want some cooling tips for your furry friend? Then be sure to read this blog where we explain how you can keep your pet cool and fresh. 


Coat care in summer 

By using a proper sun protection product specially developed for your four-legged friend's nose, you can treat darkening pigments on the skin and nose and prevent sun damage. In high temperatures and in full sunshine, your dog's coat also has a lot to contend with. Black coats sometimes take on a brown sheen, others become dry, lifeless and frizzy. To keep the hair beautiful and healthy, it is therefore important to protect and nourish it. This is especially a must with damaged coats!   

Just like we change our clothes in winter and summer, coat care products should also be adapted to the time of year. In summer, it is important to moisturise the dog's coat more and protect it from UV light. It is essential to use the right shampoo and conditioner, and to use a different one in summer and winter. Dogs are generally much more active in the summer months. Swimming and other outdoor activities are therefore undoubtedly part of your planned leisure time. Unfortunately, these can lead to a dirty and sometimes dry coat. Washing your dog with an appropriate shampoo is then very important. The same applies to conditioners. By using an effective conditioner, you can boost and balance the moisture level of your dog's coat at home. The perfect shampoo combined with the ideal conditioner will help you give your dog a healthy and shiny coat. At Transgroom, we are here to provide you with personal and individual assistance to offer you the right product for your four-legged friend. 


In addition to the right shampoo and conditioner, the use of a spray between washes is also crucial. Treating the hair with a nourishing, oil-rich product will keep it in better condition. It is well known that night is the ideal time to restore the skin and hair. This applies to you, but also to your show or pet dog. Especially when your dog has a long coat, oiling is much needed. Treating the hair with an oil at night gives it time to be sufficiently nourished and hydrated to survive the next sunny day.

This way, the oil has time to be fully absorbed. Apply the product from the middle of the hair lengths to the ends. Do you have a long-haired show dog? It may be advisable (depending on the breed) to wrap the entire coat with a good oil product and wraps. This will keep the coat in balance and well protected against external factors such as heat, sun and UV rays.


A serum is also necessary to protect the coat sufficiently. By properly caring for your dog's hair, maintaining it and keeping it healthy, it will no longer be frizzy. Show Tech+'s Protect and Shine serum is enriched with argan and jojoba oils and is your ultimate weapon against heat and other hair-damaging culprits. Unruly hair is a thing of the past thanks to this unique serum that will quickly and intensely repair the coat. It’s a must-have for a fragile coat! Preventive sprays will also protect the coat from the sun. The Quick Fix spray contains a leave-in conditioner that protects the coat from the sun's harmful rays. Drying out and colour changes can be prevented thanks to this multifunctional product. 


Naked but not unprotected 

Dogs and cats that go through life hairless also need to be well protected. Because they are naked, they do not have an insulating layer. Their skin can therefore become dry and damaged by the fierce sun. Be sure to rub hairless animals in with an appropriate and animal-friendly sun cream. To ensure that the skin of your hairless dog or cat is in optimal condition, it is also important to exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells.

Has your pet been burned? Then use the soothing Fraser Essentials Golden Gel. To protect and care for his or her paw pads, use Paw Wax.   

Finally, here are some tips:  

  • Never shave a breed with a double coat. You will remove the dog's natural protective layer.   
  • For dogs with a single coat (i.e., without an undercoat), it is advisable never to clip hair shorter than about 3 cm (1 inch). Doing so increases the risk of sunburn, ingrown hairs and even cancer!  
  • Always remove tangles as soon as possible. After all, these are the ideal hotel for parasites and bacteria. To avoid mats, it is important to brush your dog thoroughly every day or every second day, especially if he or she is long-haired, and to wash his or her coat every week and use a good conditioner. This way, you can avoid that his hair needs to be clipped later on because of unremovable tangles.  
  • If you can't do it yourself, get the help of a professional groomer. In the end, not only you but your dog will benefit from this!  

Good luck and above all: enjoy the sun! :-)  



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