A cozy Halloween

Halloween is traditionally all about shivers and horror, but it is also much more than that. This holiday falls in autumn, a season that is colder and darker. When the days are getting shorter and colder, there is nothing better than hanging out at home with your family or friends.

Comfortable and cosy

Create a super cosy environment for your beloved four-legged friend with a warm and super soft mat. A Pet Bed retains heat well and can be placed perfectly in any room, so also in the living room next to your sofa or couch. Do you want your dog to chill out in a real bed that has legs? This is possible with a HiK9 bed. You can also make it extra soft and warm by putting a cosy sleeve on the bed.

What also goes hand in hand with autumn are sweet and warm scents. The Senses Serenity Cologne spreads a sweet and woody scent with a hint of cinnamon, cedar and vanilla. Stimulate your senses and let your four-legged friend smell delicious by spraying this exclusive cologne on him or her. The great thing about this cologne is that the perfume lingers for a long time, so you can enjoy it for a long time. Is your pet a real cuddler? Spoil it with a cuddly toy.

Trick AND treat

Time flies when you and your dog are playing and having fun together. Another fun activity to do is training and doing tricks. When your dog does a great trick, of course it's time for a treat. In a treat pouch, you can easily store your dog's favourite snacks. Opening and closing it is child's play! Once you have taken out what you need, it closes again automatically. Ideal to have with you always and everywhere.

Those who want to be rewarded must also work for it. And we are not just talking about doing tricks. What comes to mind when we think of Halloween? Original and funny costumes that give everyone goose bumps, of course! Think up a fun and matching outfit for you and your pooch and go out together. The crazier, the better!

Halloween falls on a Sunday this weekend and you and your four-legged friend will want to look your best. Clip your dog’s hair with the Experto. These revolutionary clippers allow you to finish off the coat in style. Time to let your hair down and steal the show together!

Whatever you do, make it a wonderful Halloween!


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