At Transgroom, we're back from our annual summer holiday. And what an enjoyable time it was! Our batteries have been fully recharged and we're ready to get to work again with plenty of energy and to assist you with tailor-made advice. Are you still on holiday, also back at work or did you work throughout the summer? No matter what your plans are for this summer, everyone needs a moment of rest, relaxation and fun now and again. And who better to experience unique moments with than your four-legged friends! They are a very important part of the family and together we create beautiful new memories every day, at home or on holiday.   

We are eager to know what you have experienced together this summer. Send us a private message on our Facebook or Instagram page and share with us an original, funny, inspiring, crazy, ... holiday picture of you, your dog and his favourite Show Tech product. We will reward the winner with a nice gift voucher worth 100 euros.* Participation is possible until 15 August. So, get out your best pose and start taking those pictures! 

Vitamin sea 

Still looking for inspiration and fun activities to do with your dog this summer? The list of possibilities is endless! Does your dog like to be active? Then, of course, the obvious choice is walking.** In addition to going for a walk in the countryside, getting a breath of fresh air at the coast is also a great idea. You and your four-legged friend can play in the sea or swim and walk along the shore. Dogs are also true champions at digging and where better for them to do that than... on the beach! Your dog can dig to his heart's content and without feeling guilty, save sticks from drowning and play with you and your family.*** Another fun outdoor activity you can do together is camping. Especially with dogs that like to be very active, this is an exciting, enriching experience.   


Keep it cool 

When it is very hot, it is advisable not to spend too much time outside with your four-legged friend, and if you do, be sure to protect him or her. Walking or exercising together is certainly possible, but best done in the evening or when it is not too hot outside. Cooling down is also important. At home or on the road, you can easily do this with air conditioning, a fan or a cooling vest specially designed for dogs. You can also use it at the seaside. Not only does this jacket look cool, it also keeps your pooch comfortable and fresh. Find more cooling tips here. Seek shade and coolness together. Jump in the sea, in the pool or refresh your dog with a sprinkler or garden hose. Summer is also perfect for ice creams. Ordinary ice creams are a big no-go for dogs though. After all, they are full of lactose and sugar, two things that are bad for your dog's health. Fortunately, there are now many dog-friendly ice creams on the market. Would you like to enjoy a real gastronomic experience? Then it might be a new and fun experience to go to a special dog restaurant or a dog event. Online, you will find several addresses where you and your dog can have a tête-à-tête or a party.   

Memorable moments

Would you like to train your dog and give him a physical and mental challenge? Then you can go to a dog school and train together to make your bond even stronger. You can reward your dog with dog treats that you can easily store in a handy pouch. After exercise comes relaxation, of course. Go shopping with your dog and buy him a new toy, spoil your dog with a massage or take him to a dog groomer. He or she will make sure that your four-legged friend's coat and skin will be as reborn. The result will be a beautiful and clean dog and a happy owner! In the summer months, however, groomers are usually very busy, so be sure to make an appointment well in advance and respect the waiting times. Are you a dog groomer yourself? Then you know better than anyone how busy and hectic the summer months can be in a grooming salon. Everyone is entitled to a holiday and as a groomer you are too. Be sure to reserve enough time in your busy schedule for yourself, your family and friends and, of course, your pooches too. The main thing is that you can do something crazy or refreshing from time to time and especially enjoy yourselves together. Have a great summer!  

* Valid from 15/06 until 15/08/2021. Pictures sent in a private message on our Facebook or Instagram page during this period will have a chance to win the prize. The winner will be announced on our social media channels on 17/08 and will receive a gift voucher worth 100 euros to spend in the Transgroom showroom or webshop. 
** Looking for top activities to do in Belgium together with your dog? Here you will find more information. 
*** Dogs are welcome on the Belgian coast, but unfortunately not everywhere. Find out where they are allowed here. 


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